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A Guide to Microdermabrasion Training and Certification

A Guide to Microdermabrasion Training and Certification

Microdermabrasion is quickly becoming one of the most popular skin care procedures for those seeking to improve the appearance of their facial skin more than products can do. Microdermabrasion training for aestheticians and skin care specialists is a good investment in continued career success.

In order to perform microdermabrasion on patients, a microdermabrasion training course must be completed. Although there are some home kits that allow anyone to do a certain level of the procedure, in order to provide the service on a professional level most states require a certification, and in some cases have additional rules regarding the procedure. Great results can be achieved with this procedure, but without proper microdermabrasion training damage to the skin can result. Thus it is important to learn how to perform it properly.

Microdermabrasion training teaches students not only how to perform the actual procedure, but also how to prepare the client and explain the procedure and the results. An understanding of proper skin care and how the process of microdermabrasion works as well as the potential risks are both necessary in order to complete microdermabrasion training and receive your certification.

Most beauty and cosmetology schools now offer microdermabrasion training courses. They are not long, but cover all of the necessary skills to properly perform the procedure. There are some schools offering an online option for the training course, but because it is very much a hands-on process, it is recommended that you take a local course where you will be trained directly by a professional and give the chance to gain experience with the equipment. The cost of the course is usually relatively low, given that it takes only a few days to complete.

Microdermabrasion training and certification will allow you to perform the procedure in a spa, dermatologist or other skin care environment. It is important to know what regulations your state has for the use of the procedure and what steps must be taken to ensure safety. Every state has slightly different rules governing this skin care procedure. In order to complete your training and obtain a certification, you will likely need to pass a practical exam before you can start performing microdermabrasion procedures on patients.

Taking a microdermabrasion training course will allow and skin care specialist to expand their skill set and also their job prospects. As the procedure becomes more and more popular, those with a certification and training will be in demand, and this can mean higher salaries, especially for those who have training and experience.

If you are looking for a microdermabrasion course, a good place to start is to ask someone already trained and certified. They can tell you where the best schools are and which schools are known to provide a good prospect of getting a job. Get your microdermabrasion training from the best school you can find so that employers will recognize that you have the best possible education and will be able to do a great job performing microdermabrasion procedures on clients.

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