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A Guide to Mirrored Aviators

A Guide to Mirrored Aviators

Everyone knows that fashion accessories can make or break an outfit, so perhaps that is why sunglasses have become such a staple in our wardrobes. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that sunglasses were only brought out on sunny days, but now, you can see people sporting sunglasses at all times of the day or year, and the styles and varieties are nearly limitless.  Of that nearly inexhaustible supply, two styles in particular have emerged on the forefront of fashion. For women, it’s the face-dominating round lenses with tint, and for men, it’s the mirrored aviators.

There’s no denying that retro is back in fashion, and in no way is that more apparent than with mirrored aviators. Popularized in the 80s by the likes of Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in “Top Gun,” aviators have made a huge comeback in the new millennium.

If you are looking to add aviators into your regular fashion lineup, here’s a bit of information about the ultra-hip sunglasses.

Mirrored aviators were popularized by the sunglass giant Ray-Ban. Today, however, they are manufactured by a wide variety of sunglass retailers and can be purchased for the very cheap or the mindboggling prices of designer retailers such as Dolce and Gabbana. The glasses are characterized by large, teardrop shaped lenses, which are usually about two or three times larger than the general eye area, making them a dominating presence on any face. 

As one can guess from the name of the glasses, they got their start in the military. The glasses closely resembled the goggles worn by flyers working for the Navy and Army. They were even sported by General Douglas MacArthur in a notable photo from World War II.

Before adding these accessories to your outfit, make sure you consider the following things. First and foremost, make sure the glasses suit you. Because they are such a large accessory, they simply aren’t right for every face. If you have a small face, the glasses might be too dominating.

You also must consider the finish you want on your lenses. There are plenty to choose from, including light, smoky, or dark tint and arguably the most popular, mirrored tint. It basically comes down to personal preference which one you like most, but generally a light tint will work well for less intense sun, while a dark or mirrored tint will block light on very sunny days.

And, as with any dramatic accessory, make sure you keep other aspects of the outfit understated. Let the aviators make the statement if you’re going to wear them. Pairing them with a dark jean and a simple, monochromatic sweater works best. When they have to work in tandem with loud print shirts or flashy shoes, it can be altogether too noisy. And don’t forget that aviators aren’t just for guys. There are plenty of styles designed specifically for women. Women’s aviators generally feature softer shaped lenses, while the men’s style will be the more pronounced and sharp teardrop shape.

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