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A Guide to Mold Remediation Products

A Guide to Mold Remediation Products

Mold is a very common household problem; this fungus will gain a foothold and thrive in even the slightest of damp environments. Along with the unsightly appearance of the mold comes a host of moderate to severe health concerns that every homeowner should be aware of. By eliminating the causes and using trustworthy mold remediation products, your home can once again be a healthy living space for every member in your family.

Mold Remediation Products – The Chemical Way

Remember that the type of chemical mold remediation products that you use vary greatly on the surfaces that you are cleaning. For areas that cannot be stained, a mixture of bleach and water or ammonia and water can make an excellent homemade cleaning product that can quickly eradicate all of the mold on your household surfaces. Never combine bleach and ammonia as the combination of the two can cause noxious fumes that can adversely affect your breathing.

If you are in doubt about the types of mold remediation products that can work for your mold situation consider a visit to your local home improvement store to take a look at the types of products that are available for purchase. You are sure to find a product that will work for the surfaces that you are cleaning; don’t forget to read the labels so that you can accurately follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Keep the area well ventilated and don’t forget to wear a protective mask and gloves to help protect you from both the mold that you disturb while cleaning and from the chemicals that you use.

Mold Remediation Products – The Natural Way

If cleaning your home with chemicals is not something that appeals to you, especially if you or someone in your home has an adverse reaction to chemicals, then there are several great and budget friendly natural mold remediation products.

Vinegar is perhaps one of the most budget-friendly and effective household cleaners; with a combination of several essential oils you can quickly eradicate the mold in your home. Grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon oil, and also tea tree oil are three examples of compounds that can help you to rid your household of your mold problems.

Even though these natural cleaners aren’t harsh on your lungs when you breathe them in, it is still important to use gloves and a protective face mask when you are removing mold from your home.

Calling In The Pros

If the mold problem in your home is proving to be too large of a product for you to handle with even the best market mold remediation products, you should give serious thought to calling in the professionals to quickly and effectively resolve your problem for you. While it may be a little more expensive of a project, when it comes to the health of your family and your home, price should not be an option.

It is important for homeowners to realize that any methods are not going to be thoroughly effective unless the source of the problem is removed. By removing the source of the problem and by aggressively treating the mold you will be able to ensure that your home is free of mold and as healthy as can be.

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