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A Guide to Mont Blanc Cufflinks

A Guide to Mont Blanc Cufflinks

Way back in the 16th century, cufflinks made their first appearance as simple decorative fasteners to hold together the cuff of a shirt or blouse. They quickly gained in popularity over the more traditional button as both men and women found them to be yet another way of showing off their own unique style of fashion. This concept has come quite far over the many years since then and today there are many styles and shapes of cufflinks available. However, none are as grand as the Mont Blanc cufflinks.

One of the very first references to cufflinks was found inside the London Gazette newspaper back in 1684 wherein a pair of cuff buttons was described to have diamonds on them. Soon after, another pair of these cuff buttons appeared that were enameled with gold. In Suffolk, England, a single gold cufflink was found during the 17th century. The French introduced their take on the cufflink, the poignet mousquetaire, in the 19th century. Always trend setters, these French cufflinks introduced a new way to decorate the ends of the sleeves on shirts, blouses and jackets. Soon jewelry design houses such as Tiffany and Carter created their own versions of the cufflink during the following 20th century using precious metals like platinum and gold, and placed gemstones and diamonds on them as decoration.

Long gone are the days when cufflinks were worn merely to keep the cuff of a shirt fastened tidily. Cufflinks are a vitally important part of any respectable person’s wardrobe, regardless of whether or not they are being worn only to help keep two cuffs together, or if they are being worn as a fashion accessory. No matter which, Mont Blanc cufflinks are a fashion statement in and of themselves, with the added bonus of actually being able to keep two cuffs together in a brilliantly perfect manner.  

Mont Blanc cufflinks are available in an extensive variety of styles and designs. In fact, Mont Blanc cufflinks actually have their very own collections such as the Classic Collection, Silver Collection, Fine Jewelry Collection and the Contemporary Collection. Amongst these collections the most revered Mont Blanc cufflinks are the Artisan, Silver, Steel, Rubber, Carbon, Elegance, Precious, Meisterstuck and Urban Walker collections.

The Classic Collection of Mont Blanc cufflinks contain three main designs: oval platinum plated cufflinks with white Mother-of-Pearl inlay or an onyx cabochon inlay; and oval cufflinks that are made out of sterling silver with gold plated rings and a pinstripe motif. The Mont Blanc cufflinks Silver Collection includes rhodium plated sterling silver cufflinks that are shaped like balls and are emblazoned with the Mont Blanc emblem; as well as tube shaped, rhodium plated cufflinks that have a polished finish in onyx. Other styles of the Mont Blanc cufflinks include cufflinks made of white gold with diamond pave and stainless steel cufflinks that have floating diamonds.

No matter which of the Mont Blanc cufflinks you decide upon, you can rest assured knowing that you will be making a statement of elegance and panache.

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