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A Guide to Mud Bogging Trucks

A Guide to Mud Bogging Trucks

Of all the off-road vehicles you can have fun with, mud bogging trucks may top the list for sheer fun – after all, what could be more fun that slinging mud behind you as you drive deep into a mud bog?  Mud bogging trucks are also one of the least complicated types of off road vehicles to build.  Their components are relatively straighforward and just about anyone can turn their truck into a mud vehicle with a few simple adjustments.

The first thing that all mud bogging trucks will need is a good lift kit.  In order to make it through the mud, you will need to have good ground clearance.  Not only that but you will need to have plenty of room for the large tires that are required to get a good grip and successfully navigate the mud.  Lift kits are available from just about any aftermarket off road vehicle supplier.  There are plenty of options for lift kits that range in price and of course in how tall the truck will wind up.  Because the height is more important than the clearance, you are not particularly limited in the lift kits you can choose for mud bogging trucks as opposed to those for climbing rocky terrain.

As mentioned above, mud bogging trucks require the right set of tires.  You have to have large, heavy duty mud tires that can provide the depth and the traction you need in order to get in the mud and get back out again.  This, along with the lift kit, is the biggest investment you will need to make on your truck in order to make it a good mud truck.  The tires should have a good deep tread and fit the truck properly with the lift kit in place.

Mud bogging trucks are always four wheel drive.  Without the 4×4 technology, you will have a great deal of trouble getting out of a deep mud hole.  It’s best to skip trying to turn a two wheel drive truck into a mud bogging truck since it will probably struggle too much in the mud.

Mud bogging trucks can be just about any type of truck, but are usually smaller truck bodies or even Jeep bodies.  This is mainly because it is more affordable in most cases to convert this type of vehicle, and also because they are lighter – a heavier truck will get stuck more easily.  Smaller mud bogging trucks can make their way through the muck more easily.

If you are interested in mud bogging trucks but don’t have the time or the inclination to build one yourself, you can simply buy one that is already rigged up and ready to go.  Just be sure that you know all of the work was done correctly and that you will be safe heading out in the truck.  Mud bogging trucks should not be taken out alone – if you get stuck, you will be out of luck with no one there to help you out!

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