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A Guide to Pink Tourmaline Rings

A Guide to Pink Tourmaline Rings

Pink tourmaline shares the status of October birthstone with the opal, and is a beautiful pink colored gemstone.  Pink tourmaline rings are the perfect gift for anyone who was born in the month of October, or for anyone who just loves the deep pink color of this stone.  Pink tourmaline rings are available in a wide variety of styles and with varying combinations of stone size and cut.

Pink tourmaline rings are a popular choice as a birthday gift for October born ladies.  The style you choose for this lovely gift depends on the the personal taste of the recipient.  Pink tourmaline rings are available in traditional classic styles as well as in more modern designs.  For a woman who loves the designs of the Celts, you can also choose pink tourmaline rings with Celtic knotwork in the band or even a pink tourmaline Claddagh ring, a traditional symbol of love and devotion. 

The color of the pink tourmaline really stands out in any style of ring. It can be cut into many different shapes as well.  You can choose a classic round cut or square, as well as many other different options like oval, triangular and heart shaped.  Pink tourmaline rings with other precious gemstones such as diamonds are a beautiful combination that any woman will love.

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary engagement ring that will cost a little less than the traditional diamond as well as being gorgeous and unique, pink tourmaline rings are a wonderful choice.  The color pink is traditionally associated with love, and with smaller diamonds added to the design of the ring, you can combine the best of both worlds.  Pink tourmaline rings make perfect engagement rings that are beautiful and affordable at the same time.

Pink tourmaline can be added to a ring with other gemstones as well.  Pink tourmaline rings are a great choice for a mother’s ring, with her October birthstone in the center and her children’s birthstones on either side or surrounding it.  The gemstone can also be combined with out stones simply to suit the preferences of the recipient, matching their favorite colors or favorite stones.

Pink tourmaline rings come in many different sizes as well, from children’s sizes to even men’s rings.  Certainly the pink tourmaline rings available for men will make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd of men’s jewelry out there. The stone size can range from very small all the way up to very large, depending on the taste of the wearer and of course the size of their hands and fingers.

A precious gemstone that is very different from commonly chosen jewelry, pink tourmaline rings are sure to be a treasured gift that will be worn for a long time.  Whether you are seeking a romantic ring to make your proposal of marriage or want to get the perfect birthday gift for the woman in your life, a pink tourmaline ring is sure to be a big hit.

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