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A Guide to Possum Removal and Control

A Guide to Possum Removal and Control

Opossums are not particularly dangerous animals, unless cornered, but they can be a nuisance, especially when they get into your garbage or take up residence in your garage or attic. Possums in attics are an especially common problem, because they like the warmth and are good climbers.

There’s no secret trick to possum removal. Some people say you can get rid of possums by using an opossum repellent made of predator urine (fox urine for example), or that you can repel them using ultrasonic devices, but neither of these actually work. The way experts get rid of possums is by trapping them.

Unless you’re an expert at trapping animals we don’t recommend you do this yourself. An animal control professional will trap an opossum with a large cage trap, about the same size they’d use to trap raccoons. Fruit or cat food works well as bait.

Preventing the Need for Future Possum Removal

After you get rid of an opossum that’s been living in your attic or under your house, you should find out how it got in or you’ll probably end up with another one. Pest control companies can help you here, by sealing up holes that animals like possums use to get in. If you decide to seal up the hole yourself, make sure there are no opossums inside when you do it, or they’ll die and make your whole house smell.

Along with keeping your house and garage well sealed, you can help keep possums away by getting rid of the sources of food that were attracting them. Keep your garbage cans tightly covered, don’t leave pet food out at night, and if you have fruit trees, pick up all fallen fruit.

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