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A Guide to Private Van Insurance

A Guide to Private Van Insurance

Private van insurance is a necessity for anyone who drives a van in a non-commercial capacity.  It provides the right coverage to ensure all liability issues are addressed whenever you are on the road in your van.  Private van insurance is designed to protect the driver and passengers as well as the investment made in the purchase of the van.  It also insures financial responsibility against lawsuits stemming from an accident in which the driver of the van was at fault.

No matter the size of your van or the purpose for which you use it, having a good private van insurance policy in place is a must.  Many large insurance companies offer this type of policy for sale.  When obtaining quotes for private van insurance, it is important to first determine how much coverage you need.  This is based on a number of different factors, but one of the largest is the use for which you drive your van.

For example, if you use it soley for personal reasons and rarely have any passengers or valuable cargo, you may need less insurance than someone who often carries valuable cargo or other passengers.  A parent who often drives multiple kids belonging to other people to and from school or sports practices and games is taking on a higher risk in her van by having those people on board.  Additionally, if you use your van to transport business merchandise or other products you need to have the right coverage to protect the cargo.  You should also consider whether you need private van insurance or a commercial policy.

The main difference between commercial and private van insurance is the ownership of the vehicle and the purpose for which it is used.  Vans owned and operated by companies in a business capacity should carry a commercial insurance policy to propetly protect the company and the employees from liability issues.  Private van insurance is provided to those who own the van personally and use it for varying purposes.  A private van insurance policy can cover certain business use, but you should verify with your insurance company exactly what is covered and what is excluded.  If you are not aware of these rules you could place yourself in a potentially serious liability situation.

The cost of private van insurance varies based on the type of van, how you use it and of course personal factors such as your driving record.  The type of coverage you choose to add to the policy will also have a great impact on the rates.  If you are new to private van insurance it is best to get a number of quotes to compare before you make a decision.  Remember that the right coverage is as important if not more important than how much you pay for the policy.  You might save money on a cheaper policy but will pay more in the long run if there is an accident and you don’t have enough coverage.  Choose the right private van insurance to meet your needs.

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