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A Guide to Recovery Truck Insurance

A Guide to Recovery Truck Insurance

When shopping for recovery truck insurance it is important to remember that you are seeking a specialized policy for a specialized type of vehicle. Tow trucks have risks that are specific to the job for which they are used, and recovery truck insurance provides the coverage that is needed to protect the owners from those risks.

Recovery truck insurance is a commercial type of insurance policy. It is designed for the use of a towing company (even if that towing company is a one-person business) and therefore reflects the needs of businesses. Some of the coverage will be much the same as a personal auto insurance policy; your tow truck needs to be covered for liability, collision and theft. Other coverages are more specific to the needs of a tow truck, such as on hook coverage, which protects a customer’s vehicle from damage while attached to your two truck.

Recovery truck insurance is based on a number of factors. If you operate a 24-hour recovery service, you may have to pay higher premiums because your vehicle is on the road more frequently than someone who closes at the end of the business day. Another one of the things affecting recovery truck insurance rates is the fact that tow trucks are often out on the road during the worst weather, helping to rescue stranded drivers. This adds a certain level of risk that increases the odds of an accident. This means the insurance company is more likely to have to pay out, and may raise rates accordingly.

Tow trucks associated with a certain garage or repair shop may be covered under garage keeper’s liability, but your recovery truck insurance policy should still carry a high level of liability coverage. This means that should the driver of your truck be involved in an accident and be found at fault, the insurance policy will pay out for any damage to property or injuries. Because a tow truck can cause a great deal of damage, and also because your business is at stake, carrying a high level of liability coverage on your recovery truck insurance policy is a wise choice.

Many companies offer recovery truck insurance policies. A good place to start is with your personal insurance company or agent, or the company handling your business insurance. If they do not write that type of policy, they should be able to point you in the direction of someone who does. It’s a good idea to get multiple rate quotes for your recovery truck insurance. When you compare the quotes, make sure they are using the same coverage level so you know that you are looking at an apples to apples comparison.

Recovery truck insurance is a must for any tow or recovery vehicle or business. It will cover you for any eventuality involving the process or operation of towing and recovering of stranded or abandoned vehicles. Like any vehicle, a tow truck should never be on the road without the proper coverage, so make sure you have the right policy in place.

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