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A Guide to Red Wedding Flowers

A Guide to Red Wedding Flowers

When thinking of weddings, people almost exclusively think of white. The bride is wearing a white dress, and everywhere you look, there are fresh-pressed, white linen tablecloths. Many modern couples, however, want their wedding to be anything but expected. That’s why there has been such a surge of creative and altogether unexpected weddings.

Creating a twist on the classic wedding is different for every couple. Some choose to go to the extreme and bungee jump together in order to cement their vows. Others choose a slighter tamer path and simply choose a daring color scheme for the wedding.

As such, more and more couples are foregoing traditional bouquets and opting for red wedding flowers. Red, while deviating slightly from the mold, is still a perfect fit at any wedding. Red, after all, is the color of love. Soon to be married couples, however, don’t have to settle on plain old red roses to give their wedding a splash of color.

The first alternative flower option is carnations, and these would make for lovely red wedding flowers. Make them the main flower in your table settings, as they are full and vibrant, or make them an accent flower in the bridal, flower girl, and bridesmaid bouquets.

Another option would be ranunculus. Although the name itself is a bit awkward, and the flower is not as well known as the matrimonially omnipresent red roses, ranunculus can be the perfect option for bouquets, accent flowers, or table centerpieces.

If neither of these fit the bill, go with some lovely deep red cosmos. Their colors range from red to almost a chocolate brown, which go very well with any variety of pink flower. Cosmos look particularly lovely in bouquets due to their wide and open faces.

Brides-to-be in search of red wedding flowers should also consider red dahlias. These are always sure to add a bit of visual interest to any flower display because of their varied and unique shapes. Some are round, while others have longer, thinner petals. Others still have splashes of yellow in the center. Whatever style you prefer, these red dahlias are a favorite among florists and amateur arrangers alike.

While many weddings take place in the summer, there are options for those that choose to tie the knot in the colder months. If you’re planning a winter wedding, there’s nothing more lovely (and season-appropriate) than a bouquet of amaryllis and hypericum berries. These red wedding flowers will immediately remind everyone of the holiday season while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated appeal.

No matter which red wedding flowers you choose for your affair, they are sure to add that spark of interest and visual flair to the event. Not only will they make the white of the wedding dress pop, but these red flowers will look fantastic in all photos.

And for those brides working under a time constraint, remember that flowers don’t always have to be fresh. Consider silk versions to cut down on the stress of having to arrange the flowers at the last minute.

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