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A Guide to Scoliosis Exercises

A Guide to Scoliosis Exercises

Scoliosis is a common problem that affects the spines of both men and women, although it is more common in women.  It occurs when abnormal curvatures in the spine appear and cause such symptoms as one shoulder being higher than the other, or the hips and ribs appear uneven.  While Scoliosis exercises can not cure scoliosis, they can alleviate discomfort and help to strengthen the muscles in the back, shoulders, arms and the core, all of which help to support healthy spine growth and realignment of the spine.  There are a number of simple and excellent Scoliosis exercises you can use to stretch and strengthen all of the muscles surrounding the spine.  

A stablility ball, also known as a balance or exercise ball, is a great tool for doing some low impact but effective Scoliosis exercises.  You can obtain on at just about any retailer with a section for fitness tools and equipment, and they are very affordable.  You will need one for the following Scoliosis exercises; be sure to purchase the size that is right for your height according to the chart on the manyfacturer’s instructions.

Start by lying stomach down on the stability ball.  Your hips should be centered over the ball so that you can raise your stomach off the ball and still keep your balance.  Stretch your legs out so that your toes are on the floor.  Extend your right arm first, and at the same time left your left leg.  Hold the stretch for a count of three.  Then lower and repeat with the left arm and right leg.  Repeat these Scoliosis exercises until you have done three sets of ten.

For the next of the Scoliosis exercises, roll forward so that your stomach rests on the ball and your arms and legs fall down on the sides.  Raise your arms straight out in front of you; in this position your back and arms should all form a straight line and be parallel with the top of the ball.  Hold this stretch for five second, and then repeat for three sets of ten.

The next set of Scoliosis exercises will require some light hand weights or bottles of water.  Sit on the ball with your back straight and raise one hand into the air.  Slowly bend your elbow so that the weight goes behind your head, working and stretching the triceps.  Repeat on the other side, doing three sets of ten.

Finally, stand up for the last Scoliosis exercises, holding on to your weights.  Hold your arms down at your sides, and then raise them straight out at your sides to shoulder height.  Lower them in a slow, controlled motion.  Repeat for three sets as before.  After this set, turn the weights so that your palms face the front of your thighs.  Raise them in a rowing motion so that the weights end up under your chin, elbows out at either side of your head.  Lower slowly.  Repeat for three sets.

These Scoliosis exercises will quickly help stretch and strengthen your back, arms and shoulders!

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