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A Guide to Scout Bags and Totes

A Guide to Scout Bags and Totes

The Scout collection of bags, totes and other accessories is manufactured by The Bungalow Company. The Scout Collection is characterized by bright colors and patterns and sturdy, durable multi-use products designed for ease of use and convenience as well as style. The Scout Collection offers bags and totes as well as other storage containers like picnic coolers, specialized travel bags and collapsible storage bins. Bright accent rugs finish off the Scout Collection.

Scout bags come in a variety of specialized designs intended for use in every situation. There are Scout bags for camping, traveling and vacationing, gym workouts, college, shopping, parents, work and office, and the pool or beach. The design, durability, size, pockets and material of Scout bags determine their function, and the specialized bags make it easy to find the Scout bags that perfectly fit your needs.

Totes By Scout Bags

Tote bags from the Scout collection are as specialized as any other, but are all designed to carry everything you need for any trip. Jumbo Scout Bags are “crossover” Scout bags with no defined purpose and are large, durable and wide to serve as travel bags and multi-purpose totes. Zip-top Scout Bags from the tote collection are not as wide as the Jumbo bags and are shaped more like large purses for daily use. Market bags intended for grocery store trips come in two styles – one for wine bottles and one for general groceries. The On-The-Go Scout Bags in the tote collection are waterproof and accommodate laptop computers and other work necessities. Scout Bags also offers insulated tote bags for picnics, groceries, potlucks and beach trips.

Travel Bags by Scout Bags

Scout bags made for travel come in a variety of sizes to keep your things safe, organized and easy to find during travel. The small “travel accessory” Scout bags are perfect for packing items like cosmetics, toiletries, medications, and cameras. Large travel Scout Bags include the Fast Getaway Roller Travel Bag and the Grand Plan Travel Tote. These are large, roomy bags intended to make any vacation as stylish as it is simple. All Scout travel bags and accessories are water resistant, wipe clean, and have space-saving designs. Some travel bags by Scout Bags have interior pockets to keep small items organized.

Specialty Bags by Scout Bags

Sports and gym workouts require their own bags and accessories, and Scout Bags provides just the thing. Whether you’re heading off to a yoga class, a gym workout, or a soccer game, Scout Bags has what you need to keep things easy and simple. Sport bags by Scout Bags are also great for parents transporting young athletes and sports teams to games. For uniforms, clothes, shoes and other big items, try the Four Boys Large Tote Bag or one of their Gussie Duffle travel bags. Yoga enthusiasts will love the Grand Plan Yoga Bag, and all gym enthusiasts will appreciate the Original Deano Gym Bag, the Pleasure Chest Insulated Cooler and the Ice Ice Baby Insulated Lunch Bag.

For younger fans of Scout Bags who are leaving home and need some cheery and durable bags and totes, the Camp and College lines of Scout Bags are just the thing. Scout Bags offers duffle bags, shower caddies, small bags for toiletries, cameras and glasses, under-bed storage bags, laptop sleeves, collapsible storage bins, waterproof tote bags, and even bright flip-flops that match the shower caddies! Bright colors will ensure that belongings and luggage are easy to keep track of, and the durable designs of Scout Bags mean that everything will stay neat, clean and organized.

Colors & Designs of Scout Bags

Scout Bags are easily recognizable by their bright and interesting patterns and colors. No matter what your style is, you can find Scout Bags in colors to match! For those who don’t want bright or flashy but still shy away from the boring, Scout Bags come in neutral colors and tones like black, white, ivory, chocolate and khaki in solids, graphic, floral and animal patterns. For brighter, funkier designs, check out the Scout Bags website at Bungalowco.com, where you can see all their patterns and colors. These include Alphabet City, the decoupage-style Good News!, Dot Dot Brite, Daily Bubble, Chocolate Twist, and the Scout Bags signature pattern – black and white dachsund print.

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