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A Guide to Security Guard Insurance

A Guide to Security Guard Insurance

For anyone who works in private security, Security Guard Insurance is a vital part of protecting yourself on the job.  Because there are special risks and considerations for those who choose this particular field, there are also special coverages that you need to ensure that you don’t face financial problems as a result of your job.  Before you take on a position in the security industry or consider starting your own security company, you should get some quotes for Security Guard insurance.

The risks of being a security guard are different from many other jobs.  As a person in a position of authority who may need to be aggressive in certain situations and can also face violence and anger in the people you deal with on a daily basis, you need a special type of insurance.  Security Guard insurance protects you from all of the basic risks of running any business as well as the ones that are particular to the security industry.

First off, any good Security Guard insurance will provide liability coverage.  This can come in more than one form, including general liability and professional liability.  The comprehensive coverage that is provided by carrying the right liability insurance can protect you from lawsuits stemming from a wide variety of incidents.  Any situation where you are found negligent can result in a lawsuit.  This can be something as obvious as someone being injured as a result of your carelessness or actions, or even more complex situations where lawsuits are brought against you for a range of possible damages that are a result of your actions in some way.  Professional liability, often referred to as errors and omissions coverage, protects you even from honest mistakes that can result in damages to someone else, even if they weren’t intended that way.  Good liability coverage is essential to your Security Guard Insurance policy.

For companies that offer vehicles for patrol used by their officers, Security Guard insurance should include coverage for the vehicle that is appropriate to the method in which it is being used.  There should also be coverage for all other equipment used by security officers while they are on the job.  Every security company should also have appropriate Worker’s Compensation as part of their Security Guard insurance policy to protect employees in case of injuries on the job, especially in such a risky field.

There are additional coverages you should have on your Security Guard insurance policy as well.  A good policy will cover you for things like property damage, libel, protection in case of assault and battery and medical payments, false arrest and more.  A truly comprehensive Security Guard insurance package will protect you from all of the many possible risks out there.

Finding Security Guard insurance can be a little tricky as not all insurance companies write this type of policy.  You will have to shop around to find a company specializing in Security Guard insurance and other similar policies.  Getting the right coverage is worth the effort to bring you peace of mind.

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