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A Guide to Small Recliners

A Guide to Small Recliners

Recliners are among the most popular type of chair today. They offer a combination of comfort, relaxation and style that can be fit into just about any décor. Coming home after a long day to put your feet up while reclining in comfort is something many people look forward to. Many recliners on the market are large, overstuffed, space-hogging chairs – but there are options available for those who either prefer a smaller chair or simply don’t have the space for the large, classic recliner.

Classic Small Recliners

Small recliners come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit into any home. For those who love the look of the classic recliner, smaller versions of the style are available that are better for tight spaces. These are often simply scaled down versions of the typical recliner, and are available in all of the same fabric options from microfiber to leather, as well as a wide variety of colors and patterns. These recliners typically recline using either a handle or simply by putting pressure on the back of the chair and sliding it back.

Swivel Small Recliners

Another popular style for small recliners is the swivel recliner. This type of chair usually has a round base with the chair on a stand above it. In addition to reclining, this type of chair also swivels from side to side. These recliners typically have a look similar to an office chair only more plush, and may have a foot rest that folds out, or alternately come with an ottoman for resting your feet.

Ergonomic Small Recliners

Similar in style to the swivel recliners, ergonomic recliners are small recliners that are designed to support the body and offer the most comfortable seating possible. These recliners feature contoured seats designed to take the pressure off of your back and shoulders and help you to truly relax. Many such recliners also feature a seat padded with memory foam, which forms itself to the body and fits your shape like a glove. While they are small recliners, they are definitely big on comfort.

Rocker Small Recliners

Rocker recliners are the most popular type of small recliners among new mothers. They are small enough to fit easily in the nursery, and offer the mother the rocking motion that is so soothing to the baby as well as the opportunity to recline in order to relax and even doze off in the baby’s room. That way she can remain close by in case the baby wakes and needs to be fed or changed.

Some small recliners are easily mistaken for standard easy chairs, as they don’t have the overstuffed look that is so common in the large version. These fit into modern décor easily, but still have the comfort and the relaxation of their larger and more stuff versions. With clean lines and modern fabrics, these popular recliners are great for those whose prefer something more contemporary to the traditional look.

Wall-Saver Small Recliners

Wall-saver or wall-hugger recliners are a specific type of small recliner that has been designed for small spaces. They can be pushed up against a wall but still easily reclined into multiple positions. These are perfect for small apartments or a recliner for a bedroom or other small room. Because they are so adjustable and don’t need the same distance from the wall that traditional recliners require, they are a popular choice for people short on space but still wanting the comfort of a recliner.

Recliners are the ultimate piece of furniture for relaxing while reading, watching television, or just to rest and close your eyes. Since they first came on the market, they have become a staple of the living room and family room. Although their large size once made them difficult for those with smaller homes to accommodate, the wide variety of small recliners now on the market makes it easy to find one that will fit in to any space and any home. Whatever your taste in furniture, there is a small recliner that will fit your home and your lifestyle.

Small recliners offer all the comfort and relaxation that their larger counterparts provide without taking up all the space in your home. Choose the recliner that is right for you, then sit back, relax, and put your feet up in style.

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