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A Guide to Solaire Grills

A Guide to Solaire Grills

With summer right around the corner, you may want to start thinking now about your summer grilling needs, and one product that you just have to look into is the Solaire Grill. In this article we will introduce you to Solaire grills and demonstrate why so many people have already made the switch.

About Solaire Grills

Every backyard barbecue aficionado has their own preferred method of grilling. Some choose a gas grill for the convenience, while others swear by their charcoal or wood burning grills. The Solaire grill, however, gives backyard grillers another choice.

Solaire grills are powered by infrared technology which means they can preheat in as fast as 3 minutes, cook food in half the time of other grilling methods, and surprisingly, use about half as much fuel. This intense and direct heat allows you to sear in the flavor of your favorite meat and cooks it evenly and rapidly over the entire cooking surface.

The Solaire Company has been around for years and introduced the first infrared grill in the mid 1980s to much acclaim. Since then they have proven time and time again to be the leaders in infrared outdoor cooking technology. The Solaire is available in many different sizes and styles, featuring grills as small as 160 square inches to monster grills over 1000 square inches. Each grill is made using the finest materials and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Another popular selling point with Solaire grills is their affordability and efficiency. With prices very competitive to other grill models, and cooking times that are less than half of other grills, the harm to the environment—and your wallet—is significantly lessened. Only with Solaire can you get the wonderful taste of wood or charcoal-cooked meat with the convenience of a gas grill—the perfect grill for anyone who is truly serious about backyard grilling.

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