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A Guide to Square Diamond Earrings

A Guide to Square Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a basic part of any woman’s jewlery box, and they come in a variety of styles.  Square diamond earrings are one of the most popular choices becaues they are universally flattering and also a common cut for earriangs, although less common than the classic round cut.  Square diamond earrings come in many different sizes, although they generally do not come in the smallest sizes that are available for round diamonds due to the type of cut.

Those in the market for a set of square diamond earrings should start out with some basic knowledge of how to purchase diamonds.  The price of any diamond is generally based on the quality of the stone as determined by four basic factors.  These are the cut, the color, the clarity and the karat (sometimes spelled as carat, which has led to these quality factors being nicknamed “the four c’s).  When it comes to choosing square diamond earrings, you have already covered one of the four.  The cut of the diamond is square.  Because this is a relatively common and easier cut for a diamond cutter to create, these are on the more affordable side in terms of cut.

Color refers to exactly what it sounds like.  As a general rule, the closer to colorless the diamond is the more valuable it is thought to be.  Some people do prefer diamonds with some color, but when it comes to square diamond earrings, colorless is probably the best choice.  Clarity is a factor that describes how many flaws, known as inclusions, the diamond has.  The fewer inclusions, the more you will pay for that diamond.  Because of the cut square diamond earrings will show inclusions more, especially when you choose a larger stone.

Which of course leads to the final factor, which is the karat or carat weight of the diamond.  This is a measure of the size of the diamond.  When you purchase a set of square diamond earrings, you may come across the term total karat weight.  This means the combined weight of the stones in both earrings.  Thus a total karat weight of .5 karats means each diamond is one quarter of a karat.  Don’t be fooled by this number into thinking you are getting two half karat diamonds!

Once you have selected the stones for your square diamond earrings, you can decide on the setting  Most setting strive to make the diamond stand out as much as possible, but the metal is likely to be visible at least somewhat.  Square diamond earrings are rarely set in metals other than gold or platinum.  You will likely see yellow and white gold options, which are a matter of personal taste.  Platinum is generally the most expensive setting for your square diamond earrings.

Square diamond earrings make a wonderful gift for any woman in your life, and you will find that spending some time researching the stones wil make certain that you get the most for your money when you make this purchase.

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