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A Guide to the 1986 Monte Carlo SS

A Guide to the 1986 Monte Carlo SS

The 1986 Monte Carlo SS is one of a long line of classic Monte Carlos produced by Chevrolet.  The Monte Carlo started production in 1970, and the SS was only made for the first two years of production, then dropped as the compnay marketed the car as a luxury vehicle instead.  The SS model returned to production in 1983, so the 1986 Monte Carlo SS was only the third year that the SS (Super Sport) model was once again available to buy.

The SS was originally sold with a 454 engine and sport package in 1970 and 1971.  The 1986 Monte Carlo SS featured a V8 engine, a rear spoiler and new color options.  It also incorporated the new “aero” mirrors but in many other ways resembled the previous year’s models.

The return of the SS to production was met with strong sales, and the 1986 Monte Carlo SS was no different.  The car sold well in a number of markets, still incorporating the luxury the Monte Carlo was known for with the powerful engine and sports like styling that was developed over time as the cars become more and more popular on the NASCAR circuit.  

In fact, because of the the Monte Carlo’s peformance in NASCAR racing, the 1986 Monte Carlo SS was accompanied in production by the Aerocoupe model.  This model had a modified version of the Super Sport body with a more sloped rear end.  The company only produced 200 of these models, which was what NASCAR required of them in order to qualify the car to run on the race track.  The 1986 Aerocoupe is therefore among the rarer models od the Monte Carlo in terms of street cars, although it came back in 1987 and sold over 6000 units.

The 1986 Monte Carlo SS was a powerful, sleek car that appealed to the younger crowd who wanted the feel of driving a race car.  The car’s roots as a muscle car came back in a major way for this generation of Monte Carlos and the 1986 Monte Carlo SS was indeed a true muscle car, albeit with an 80′s look.  This may have been the last generation of cars to have the kind of power that was seen in the muscle cars, as later models moved towards fuel efficiency rather than power.  This has made the 1986 Monte Carlo SS something of a favorite among enthusiasts.

Finding a 1986 Monte Carlo SS for sale is a bit of a challenge these days as the car is over twenty five years old and approaching the point of being considered a classic.  Of course being a sports car there were also plenty of these that were involved in wrecks, and this narrows the field of available cars even further.  Collectors and car restorers are quick to jump on a 1986 Monte Carlo SS if it comes up for sale, so acting fast is the key to getting your hands on one.  Alternately, you can follow some of the enthusiast clubs and watch for a previously restored model to come up for sale.  You can expect to pay a little more for a restored car.

Photo courtesy of r.modys.

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