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A Guide to the Best Acne Fighting Products

A Guide to the Best Acne Fighting Products

When it comes to acne fighting products, there are certainly a lot of choices on the market today.  Entire aisles at drugstores are dedicated to skin care, with a large section specifically devoted to acne fighting products.  With so many choices available, how can you tell which acne fighting products are right for you?  There are a few ways to make sense of the seemingly endless array of acne fighting products out there.

First, you should determine what type of acne you have.  If your acne is mild and occurs occasionally, usually with hormonal shifts, then you don’t really need to use acne fighting products every day.  If you have moderate acne that you can’t seem to clear up, you probably need some fairly strong acne fighting products and a variety of choices to attack the acne problem from more than one angle.  For severe acne, most over the counter acne fighting products are not strong enough; you should probably see a dermatologist.

There are a few common ingredients in acne fighting products that you will run into when shopping.  These are benzoil peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulphur.  All of these ingredients are well researched and known to be effective at fighting acne.  As to which is better, it is often a matter of personal opinion.  The acne fighting products that work for one person may not work as well for someone else.  You might need to try a few options to find the right one.

A complete line up of acne fighting products for most people includes a cleanser, an astringent, a moisturizer and a spot treatment.  These are the products that you should use every day in order to achieve the best results.  The best lines of acne fighting products will include all of these pieces.  You should cleanse every day with the cleanser, follow it with the astringent and then apply the moisturizer.  These three steps are the basics of clearing up acne.  In addition to these three simple steps, you should use a spot treatment directly on the blemishes whenever they appear.

There are also some acne fighting products for occasional or weekly use.  Masks and scrubs are two of the best choices to add to your acne regimen.  A deep cleansing mask can pull impurities out of the skin to help prevent breakouts, while a scrub helps to loosen the dirt and oils from pores that can result in a breakout.  These acne fighting products are best used on a weekly or bi weekly basis.

The best acne fighting products should not irritate your skin or feel uncomfortable or painful when you use them.  You can expect some stinging when using an astringent on a blemish that has opened up and is weeping or bleeding.  This is much like using peroxide on a cut; it kills the germs and helps prevent infection.  

With a little trial and error, you should be able to narrow down the best acne fighting products for you to a short list of options that will keep you blemish free.

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