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A Guide to the Best Convertibles

A Guide to the Best Convertibles

For a summer drive there is nothing better than putting the top down on a convertible and feeling the wind in your hair.  The best convertibles are cars that have classic lines, are fun to drive and have enough power to really move on the open road.  There are many different types of convertibles out there, and you will find one for every taste and style.  The best convertibles for each person are those that suit your lifestyle and your needs in a car.

One of the most common types of convertibles on the market are what are known as roadsters.  This is a type of convertible that seats only two people and is a small, fun to drive car.  Roadsters have been around almost as long as cars have been, and many consider them the best convertibles to own because they are so classic.  Those in the market for a roadster have a lot to choose from; there are classic roadsters that go back to the early years of motoring, and new, high-tech roadsters.  Roadsters however may not be the best convertibles for families or anyone who wants to have more than two passengers in their car.  

Four seater convertibles also have a long history, and have been popular since the fifties.  These much larger vehicles are designed less for hugging the curves of the road and more for cruising down the coast on a sunny day.  These cars generally seat four or more people and are the best convertibles for anyone who wants to bring friends or family along for the ride.  They are the best convertibles for road trips as well as they have more trunk space to allow for luggage.

The best convertibles for those who are looking for the most convenience in their car are those with automatic tops that can be retracted at the touch of a button.  Many convertibles also come with manual tops, which are a more classic choice but require a little more effort.  Convertible tops can be soft or hard; hard tops are the best convertibles for those who live in areas with colder temperatures, allowing you to drive the car all year without being too cold.  Soft top convertibles can be hard to keep warm and thus are not the best convertibles for cold climates.  

Convertibles can range from affordable, economical models to some of the most luxurious cars on the road.  This means that they are an accesible choice for any budget, and anyone can find the right choice for their needs.  The best convertibles in your price range are those that offer the best safety features as well as meeting all of your needs for seating, power, fuel efficiency and convenience.  With so many convertibles to choose from, anyone can enjoy the experience of cruising the open road on a summer day with the top down.  No matter what you are looking for in a car, you can find a convertible to meet your needs all year round.

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