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A Guide to the Best Swimming Headphones

A Guide to the Best Swimming Headphones

If you spend a lot of time in the water, you may be contemplating the use of swimming headphonesSwimming headphones are simply waterproof headphones, which come in different styles, for use by swimmers.  If you are in the water enough to justify the cost of swimming headphones, here are some considerations for your future purchase.

You should first be aware of the cost of swimming headphones.  The higher-priced headphones can exceed $100, while it is typical for swimming headphones to come in the rage of $30 to $50.  Of course these estimates are just that, as prices will differ.  Swimming headphones do not represent a booming market in headphones and electronics in general, which can cause surges in price based on competition.

Additionally, swimming headphones represent just one necessary purchase involved in listening to music in water.  You will need to have an audio source that is also waterproof.  While there are some packages that come with both – which certainly don’t represent the “best” in terms of quality – this will most likely be a separate purchase.  A waterproof music player can run over $100, or you could look into a waterproof case for your current player.

For the best swimming headphones, a few brands seem to be near the top in terms of quality.  GSI, H2O Audio, and Speedo all carry quality brands of swimming headphones that are worth considering.  Others such as Aquapac, FINIS, and Audio Bone also have quality products in this market.

Selecting swimming headphones involves a very important decision, and that comes into play with style.  Whereas normal headphones offer a range of styles, such as open/closed, full, collapsible, in-ear, plugs, and others, so too does swimming headphones.  When you consider that you will be actively swimming in these headphones, style takes on an important dynamic not usually considered for headphones – in deciding which style will keep the headphones from falling off.

From this consideration, a common choice for swimming headphones is the wraparound style.  Also seen as sportswrap or simply wrap, wraparound headphones are designed to fit around your head, laterally as opposed to a headset.  The increased contact with your head could be desirable and offer another dimension in terms of fit.

The second most common style of swimming headphones are in-ear headphones, or buds.  These are designed to fit snugly on your ear, where it is lodged slightly inside of the ear or right outside the ear canal.  Note that this could be combined with the previous style; i.e. swimming headphones that wrap around your ear with in-ear headphones.

If you have the opportunity, try each type of headphone.  Perhaps other swimmers could help you decide what may be more comfortable and secure. 

As you search for the best swimming headphones for you, find as many reviews as possible.  Online reviews from retailers are a great way to get opinions for electronics.  Swimming headphones can be quite mixed in terms of reception, so you could get some easy answers to make the decision for the best swimming headphones.

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