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A Guide to the Carnival Imagination

A Guide to the Carnival Imagination

One of the many cruise ships in the Carnival Cruise line’s fleet, the Carnival Imagination is a truly spectacular ship that offers something for everyone. The Carnival Imagination cruises the waters of the Caribbean and is registered in the Bahamas.  The ship offers incredible ports of call throughout this beautiful tropical region where you can visit the incredible beaches and experience the local flavors and experiences.  But even when you are on board the ship in between stops, there is so much to do you won’t find yourself wondering when the next port will arrive.

The Carnival Imagination is a 70,367 ton ship that has a staff of 920 to serve a guest capacity of 2,052 people.  This floating hotel offers more than just a place to sleep.  With entertainment, dining and relaxation for the entire family, there is something to keep everyone happy and occupied during your entire cruise. 

For kids, there is Camp Carnival, where they can play and engage in all kinds of activities completely supervised by a trained staff.  This leaves mom and dad free to spend some time on their own taking in the sunny skies, relaxing by the pool or checking out some of the more adult activites available on board the Carnival Imagination.  There is a nine hole mini gold course right on board the ship for some family fun all together, and also several pools where the kids can splash and play.  There are even waterslides in the Carnival Waterworks water park, where kids of all ages as well as grown ups with a taste for fun can splash the day away.

Teenagers have their own place to hang out andhave a great time in The Carnival Imagination Club O2, a place designed specifically for those too old for the kid stuff and still too young to enjoy more adult pursuits.  For 15-17 year olds, this place offers great music, food and video games to keep them entertained any time.

For those who don’t have children or simply want some adult time while the kids are at Camp Carnival, the Serenity adults only area of the Carnival Imagination is a peaceful place to relax. There are comfortable chaise lounges, umbrellas for shade, and a hot tub for even more relaxation.  For the night life, the ship offers a night club where you can dance and enjoy great drinks and fun with friends.  There is also a casino where you can enjoy Las Vegas-style betting tables and games.

Of course, the Carnival Imagination offers some great food as well, with a number of dining options.  Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch or a world class gourmet dinner, the Carnival Imagination dining rooms have everything you could possibly want.  With top chefs on board to provide excellent food atany time of the day, you will certainly never go hungry while cruising.

The Carnival Imagination offers a variety of different cabins for your cruise.  You can choose ocan view cabins with blaconies or windws out to the water, or an inside cabin which is usually more affordable.  You can also choose from cabins on various levels of the ship.  Cruises are available in varying lengths and to many different ports of call throughout the beautiful Caribbean.  You can plan your trip during any time of year, but the off season is the most affordable time to go.  You can book a trip on the Carnival Imagination either through Carnival directly or through a travel agent or travel booking site online.  Shop around for the best price on the cruise of your dreams.

The Carnival Imagination is a beautiful ship that offers anything you could possibly want from a cruise,  Whether you are heading out with the family or taking a couples vacation, this ship has everything that people of all ages could ask for.  From the best in dining to the best in recreation, the Carnival Imagination pleases on every level.  And of course, since you are in the Caribbean, you will enjoy the most beautiful waters, gorgeous beaches and warm, sunny days followed by comfortable nights, whether at sea or in a port.  For your next cruise, the Carnival Imagination is the perfect choice.

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