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A Guide to the Timex Military Watch

A Guide to the Timex Military Watch

Timex, world-renowned for their high quality watches, offers the Timex Military Watch for those who are in the market for a classically designed watch that is as durable as it is functional. Read on to learn how military approved functionality has morphed into a much desired timepiece for even the trendiest watch wearer.

Durable And Functional Design

The Timex Military watch has a black face and is accompanied by a black nylon strap to ensure that the watch can be attached securely to its owner’s wrist. The nylon strap is not just another durable part of the watch overall but it is designed to be comfortable and to resist irritation to the wearer’s wrist.

Incredibly water resistant with luminescent hands, this virtually indestructible watch is incredibly easy to clean, should it get grimy from being used while enjoying outdoor or otherwise messy activities. The durability of this watch is impressive and is a part of what makes it a firm favorite amongst people with an active lifestyle who are simply looking for a good looking watch that can withstand most of what is thrown at it.

The stainless steel casing of the watch is durable enough to resist scratching and denting; the back of the watch also easily pops off for a quick battery replacement when needed. However, with an estimated 5-year battery life, you may find that replacing the battery is a very rare thing.

The watch’s crystal is also durable, impervious to deep scratches and is definitely shatterproof; and with factory aging processes that make the watch appear to be comfortable well-worn, this watch is a demonstration of simplicity and functionality in a class of style all its own!

The History Of The Watch

Despite the common belief that today’s Timex Military watch is an exact replication of the watch created by Timex in the 40’s, Timex wasn’t making these watching in the 1940’s! This watch didn’t start to roll out until the 1960’s – the rugged styling of this watch certainly has a strong 40’s influence but as a general rule of thumb, the majority of people who love this watch do so because it is durable, functional, and lasts a good many years while still looking great!

Affordable Pricing

Unlike many watches that offer the same reliability and functionality, this watch is offered at a very reasonable price of around $150. While some may argue that $150 is a lot of money to pay for a watch that is, in essence, completely unremarkable in just about all design ways, keep in mind that the Timex Military watch has a solid history and reputation for being a reliable timepiece that is suitable for all types of outdoor adventures – or simply for an indoor adventure no more exciting than a boardroom meeting.

Buying your Timex Military watch is not as simple as making a trip down to your nearest superstore; JCrew is a great start for a person on a mission to find their own Timex watch. Barring that, considering searching online for your new watch – be sure, however, to verify the reputation of the online retailer so that you can ensure you are buying a genuine Timex.

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