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A Guide to the Woodmaster Planer

A Guide to the Woodmaster Planer

The Woodmaster planer is one of the most popular tools for anyone who works with wood for many reasons; high quality planers with customizable cutting patterns make for a tool woodworkers will turn to again and again for all of their needs. The Woodmaster planer comes in three different models with different sizes to accommodate any shop as well as any need.

The smallest Woodmaster planer model is the 712, which is a 12 inch planer and molder. It has all the features of the larger planer models but is smaller and less expensive, thus fitting the budget and the space limitations of hobbyists who want a great Woodmaster planer that suits their needs. The most popular Woodmaster planer model is the 718. This is an 18 inch planer and molder that provides woodworkers with the ability to create cabinets as well as do multiple pieces side by side. A spiral cutter head is available as an option on this model to provide the smoothest possible planing.

The largest of the Woodmaster planer lineup is the 725, which is a 25 inch planer and molder. This is a heavy duty planer that provides the best in speed and power, and is one of the most versatile machines made by Woodmaster. It is the ultimate tool for the serious woodworker.

All of the models in the Woodmaster planer lineup offer a variable speed rate as well as an optional rip saw attachment that allows for fast and easy ripping. Molding such as crown and casing can be cut with ease in one pass due to the deep cutting ability of the Woodmaster planer blades. Over 500 patterns are available on the Woodmaster planer, but if none of them suits your particular needs then the company will create a custom blade to provide precisely the cut you need.

A Woodmaster planer is an investment in a machine that will do many jobs with an ease and precision that is not available from a table saw or other tool. These are relatively expensive tools that aren’t for everyone. Before you decide to purchase a planer, be sure not only that you know how to use one, but also that you are getting the right tool for your needs. Unless you work with wood regularly, a planer might not be a tool you need to own. If you are in the market for one, though, then you probably do have a need, and the Woodmaster is an excellent selection.

No matter what your budget, there is a perfect Woodmaster planer for you. For those who want a simple and compact yet powerful and versatile machine, to those who require the heavy duty power of a planer that can handle a high capacity at top speed, a Woodmaster planer is available to get the job done.

Choose your model based on your needs as well as your budget and rest easy knowing you have made a great investment in a quality Woodmaster planer with a 5- year warranty and a good reputation.

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