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A Guide to Toddler Rain Boots

A Guide to Toddler Rain Boots

If you have a toddler and live in a wet climate, you will find toddler rain boots to be indispensible. Because toddlers are relatively new to the experience of walking, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for toddler rain boots to ensure that they are both comfortable and stable for your little one.

Of course the main objective of toddler rain boots is that they are waterproof. This keeps your toddler’s feet dry even if he or she can’t seem to resist the urge to jump in a puddle or two, as most toddlers can’t. Toddler rain boots are usually made of rubber which makes them impervious to water. A thick rubber sole with a good tread will also ensure that your toddler has a good grip on the pavement and is much less likely to slip and fall when walking in wet conditions.

One of the most important considerations when shopping for toddler rain boots is a good fit. Your toddler’s feet are still developing, and research shows that poorly fitted shoes can have an impact of foot development and on walking ability. Therefore you should ensure that your toddler rain boots fit properly. If your child has not purchased new shoes recently, ask to have his or her feet measured before you buy rain boots. Little feet grow fast, and you will be surprised at how quickly they can jump a size or two. It’s best not to assume that the same size you bought last time you went shoe shopping will still fit your little one now. A professional can measure and also check the fit of the rain boots.

Another thing to consider is how the toddler rain boots fit on the leg. Toddlers tend to have short legs and still have an unsteady walking gait. Boots that are too tall might make it difficult for your toddler to get around. The tall portion of the boot should fall well below the knee, as anything too close to the knee will prevent your toddler from bending the knees as they walk and thus make it hard for them to walk easily. Good toddler rain boots should fit the foot very well and also fit the leg.

Toddler rain boots are available in a number of really cute designs and colors, but before you get sucked in by that adorable pair of boots, remember that fit and function are more important than looks. If a sturdy pair of boots in a solid color fit your child better than the cute pair, go for the sturdy ones. Toddler rain boots are meant to get wet and muddy anyway, and your child will not likely care whether there is a cut character on their boots or not; the chance to jump in puddles is what will excite them most!

Good toddler rain boots will keep your little one’s feet dry, but you might need inserts to keep them warm enough too. These are usually sold wherever you buy your child’s boots.

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