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A Guide to Tractor Tillers

A Guide to Tractor Tillers

Tractor tillers are used to till the soil in large areas of land, and work in a similar fashion to the smaller rotary tiller that is commonly used in small yards and gardens. Tractor tillers are much larger, and can be attached to and pulled behind a tractor in order to till much larger areas such as farms and large gardens.

There are two main types of tractor tillers. The standard type provides a shallow reach into the soil, and tills in a forward motion as it is pulled behind the tractor. These tractor tillers are the preferred choice where the ground is wet, packed hard, or contains a lot of roots. They have multiple settings for the choice of depth, and come in lighter and heavier duty models to provide a wide variety of soil tilling and plowing options. Standard tractor tillers include a rear shield and can be chain or gear driven.

The second type of tractor tillers are the reverse type, which rotate in a direction opposite to the motion of the tractor. The result of this action is a deeper plow into the soil that works very well on loose and soft soil surfaces. Both standard and reverse tractor tillers come in a variety of sizes to suit every need.

Tractor tillers make quick work out of a task that once took farmers and landscapers hours of backbreaking labor. Since their invention over a hundred years ago they have evolved and become a standard piece of equipment for anyone looking to work the soil and prepare it for planting, whether on the grounds of a large building or in the fields. Tractor tillers are available on the market in a wide variety of choices, making tilling large areas a simple and easy job instead of an incredibly difficult chore.

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