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A Guide to Transmission Repair Cost

A Guide to Transmission Repair Cost

Is your transmission on the “fritz,” making noises you never wanted to hear from your car or truck?  If your transmission is either going out or has already been broken, there are several factors you need to be aware of before getting estimates.  Understanding each of these will help ensure that you are not overpriced.  Here we will provide a bit of information about the transmission itself, and outline some basic tips to help avoid being overcharged.

The Transmission

The transmission is one the most important, complex and unfortunately, expensive systems in your automobile.  It is the component of your car that allows the power generated by the engine of your car to power the wheels.  Within each transmission are many separate valves, seals and gaskets, with pumps, cables and gears that allow your car to move with the aid of the engine-generated power.

With so many moving parts and potential problem points, it’s no wonder that a transmission repair job is one of, if not the most expensive car repair you could incur.  Some companies charge anywhere from $1500-$2000 just for simple transmission repairs.

Tips for Estimating Your Transmission Repair Costs

Because the transmission is such a complex system, and because there are certain transmission problems which could realistically cost over $1000 to be repaired, it becomes difficult for the average consumer to know whether or not he’s being overcharged.  Sadly, there are some repair specialists who take advantage of this ignorance for a profit.  To prevent this, however, there a few things you can do, including:

  • Ask friends and families if they know a trustworthy and reliable mechanic
  • Make certain that the garage giving the estimate is a member of the Automobile Club and the Better Business Bureau
  • Is the garage clean and well-maintained?  Usually this is an indication of a well-run shop

Getting your transmission repaired can be a scary and costly adventure, but by asking a few pertinent questions and checking the garage’s references you can ensure you receive a reasonable transmission repair cost.

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