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A Guide to Twin Wheel Casters

A Guide to Twin Wheel Casters

Casters allow mobility for a wide variety of applications from kitchen carts to medical equipment. Twin wheel casters are one of the more popular choices on the market, and there are many different types available. In addition to different styles, twin wheel casters also come in many different sizes, allowing them to function on objects of all different sizes and weights, from gurneys to stools.

The two main styles of twin wheel casters are the hooded and unhooded type. The hooded type has a cover that goes over the top half of the wheel, while the unhooded type does not. One of the problems hooded twin wheel casters sometimes encounter is debris getting stuck under the hood and preventing the wheel from turning freely; on the other hand, the hood tends to prevent debris from attaching itself to the wheel in the first place.

Twin caster wheels can be made of many materials, but nylon and urethane are common. The hoods for these casters are often matching but can also be made of metal for a decorative touch. The wheels and hood can be all the same color or have complimentary colors. The various different colors of twin wheel casters available help to choose casters that will match your chair or cart, or whatever else you want to replace or add casters too.

Twin wheel casters for medical uses come in many types so that you can find exactly the right set. There are even non-magnetic twin wheel casters available that are perfect for use in MRI rooms where metal would interact badly with the MRI machine. There are also heavy duty twin wheel casters that can handle the rigors of a medical environment where there is a lot of use by many different people. Twin wheel casters will make moving around your workspace or your home easy and convenient.

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