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A Guide to Using the Power Probe

A Guide to Using the Power Probe

For any car enthusiast or even just someone who owns a car and wants to be able to perform some routine troubleshooting on their own, the Power Probe is a very useful tool.  Combining the funtion of many different types of electrical testing tools into one easy to use and convenient unit, the Power Probe is a multi-functional tool that allows you to test multiple different electrical systems and check for potential problems.  This can save you a lot of money as well as save you time by allowing you to pinpoint the problem with your car’s electrical system and determine what needs to be done to repair it without a lot of trial and error.

Using the Power Probe tool is simple and straighforward.  You will first need to attach the Power Probe tool to the batter of your car.  The red clamp on the Power Prove should be attached to the positive terminal on the battery, and the black clamp should be attached to the negative terminal.  You should then plug the probe cable into the cable attached to the clamps.  A beeping sound will indicate the connection has been successful.  Next, you will locate he mode button and press it repeatedly until you have located the mode you want to use with the Power Probe to diagnose the electrical problem.

When you have selected the right mode, simply press the tip of the Power Probe to the area that needs to be tested,  This might be a circuit, a contact, or a component in your car.  Watch the display to see the results of your test.  At this point you can use the flashlight that is built into the Power Probe in order to see better the area you are testing and also investigate the source of the problem further.  

If you want to test another area, whether because the first test did not reveal the problem or you beleive there is a second problem, simply use the power button to reset the Power Probe and move on to testing the next area.  Check the display again for results.

The Power Probe manual will help you to determine the meaning of the display results and decide what your next step will be in terms of diagnosing and correcting the problem.  You should be sure to keep it nearby when using the Power Probe for quick reference.  The Power Probe also comes with an extension cord that you can use when trying to access hard to reach locations inside the car or engine area.  

The Power Probe is a very useful tool that can make uncovering what is wrong with your car’s electrical systems quick and simple.  Be sure to use caution when working with this tool, especially when it is attached to the battery of your car.  Use all due caution when working around electrical devices, and work carefully both during attaching and using the Power Probe.  Store your Power Probe in a safe location when not in use.

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