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A Guide to White Topaz Rings

A Guide to White Topaz Rings

White topaz rings are a beautiful and economical option for those who want the look of a diamond without the price tag.  With it’s clear colorless appearance and gemstone sparkle, white topaz is a great choice to replace diamonds that is still a precious stone and yet not as expensive as a diamond.  This makes it suited to all kinds of jewelry.  White topaz rings are perfect as gifts for young children who might lose a more expensive ring.  They are also beautiful enough to replace diamonds in an engagement ring.

Because white topaz rings are not as expensive as a diamond ring, you don’t haveto worry about insurance, or what you will do if it is lost or stolen or damaged.  You can wear a beautiful white topaz ring every day and not be concered with having a small fortune on your finger!  White topaz rings look just as valuable and just as lovely; in fact, no one will even know it isn’t a diamond.

Although diamonds are the traditional stone in an engagement ring, today’s woman knows that there are more important things to spend their money on. And with concerns about human rights violations in the areas of the world where many diamonds are mined, those with a concern for global issues might also not want to wear a diamond.  The other replacement for diamonds, cubic zirconia, carries a stigma about it of “cheapness” on the part of the man who bought it.  But white topaz is the perfect compromise.  It is a real gemstone, just like a diamond, and has no stigma about it.

White topaz rings are available in a wide variety of styles, and they are not just for women!  There are plenty of men’s rings featuring white topaz stones as well.  For a more everyday appeal, white topaz rings with smaller stones or different designs that don’t resemble an engagement ring are available.  You can also add other colored gemstones to your ring to create a beautiful and unique look.

White topaz rings are available from a large selection of jewelers.  You can find them both locally and from many online sources.  If you are looking for the best selection of white topaz rings the internet is probably your best bet.  Because diamonds are still the more popular choice and they are more expensive, many jewelers carry fewer designs in white topaz in the hopes of upselling people to the more pricey diamonds.  Online however you will have no pressure and be able to search through an incredible selection of white topaz rings.

Because white topaz is so much more affordable you can buy a much larger stone than you would be able to afford in a diamond ring.  This means you can get a truly impressive ring for a fraction of the cost of a similar sized diamond ring.  White topaz rings are as beautiful and as durable, and make the perfect gift for any special woman – or man – in your life.

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