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A Guide to Winter Travel Insurance

A Guide to Winter Travel Insurance

Are you planning a vacation to a winter locale this season?  Planning on spending some time enjoying one of several fun winter activities?  Winter vacations can be exhilarating—skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc.—but there is also the risk of serious injury and unless you’ve thought ahead those injuries can wind up costing you a lot of money.  This is why you should seriously consider some type of winter travel insurance for this year’s vacation.

What Is Winter Travel Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

You may think that your health insurance will cover you for any injuries you or a family member sustains on a winter vacation, but if you look at the fine print, many policies will not cover you if your injuries were sustained while involved in extreme winter sports.

Winter travel insurance is a type of insurance policy which can either be purchased separately or added to your existing policy.  Winter travel insurance will cover you should you sustain an injury while skiing, snowboarding, skating or sledding.  Generally, adding winter travel insurance to your existing policy will increase the cost of your monthly or annual premium, but when measured against the potential cost of injury while enjoying winter sports, the price increase is very modest.

In the event you become injured on your winter vacation, winter travel insurance will usually cover all of the following:

  • Doctor visit.  If your injuries were only minor, winter travel insurance will help pay the cost of a routine medical visit.
  • Hospital Costs.  Often times, winter sports injuries will require you be hospitalized for a brief period, and unless you’re covered for these expensive stays it could mean financial disaster.  Winter travel insurance will help pay the costs of any hospital stays relating to your injury.
  • Transportation.  Some winter fun locales are remote and difficult to get to.  Winter travel insurance will help pay the cost of transportation either by ambulance or air lift rescue.

Winter travel insurance can also cover things like lost wages, lost or stolen property and liability.  Each policy will differ, so meet with a qualified agent to discuss your particular needs.

Winter travel insurance policies come in many forms, but are usually more affordable than add-ons to your existing policy.  However, before selecting a winter travel insurance policy you should always consider the following:

  • What’s Covered?  Make sure that the policy you choose covers both hospital and all other medical costs.
  • Is Your Sport Covered?  Take a close look at your policy and make sure the winter sport you plan to take part in is covered by the policy.
  • Price.  As mentioned above, these specialized policies are often cheaper than expensive add-ons, so shop around until you find the right price.

If you’re planning a winter vacation this year, don’t be caught without the proper insurance for you and your family.  Winter travel insurance will give you peace of mind while enjoying all of your favorite winter activities.

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