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A Homeowner’s Guide to Semi Inground Pools

A Homeowner’s Guide to Semi Inground Pools

A great, relaxing addition to any home is a swimming pool. Whether it’s for the entertainment of kids, for exercise, or for relaxation – or all of the above – a pool is guaranteed to bring enjoyment and delight. Homeowners have various choices in adding a pool to their home. Above ground pools tend to be cheaper, but with no sturdy structure around the walls, these can break and spill, potentially even causing injuries. An inground pool is more expensive, as you have to dig out the hole in the ground for the pool to go inside, but they are sturdier. However, when the pool entrance is right on the ground, you have the risk of accidents: small children could fall in and be unable to get back out. As a homeowner, your primary concern is the safety of your family and guests, so you would have to take elaborate and potentially expensive measures to prevent such accidents with an inground pool. But there is another option: the semi inground pool.

Semi inground pools are dug into the ground, offering the security and strength of an inground pool, but a couple feet of the pool are above ground, creating a lip or ledge on the pool. This ledge will help prevent accidents and improve the security of your pool. Not only that, but it requires a lot less work and expense than an inground pool while still having the same aesthetic, looking more attractive and pleasing than an above ground pool.

Installing an inground pool requires professional equipment and may necessitate a contractor. You may have to check with local zones and laws, and you likely will have to check for city sewer, water, and gas pipes before you start digging. This is all a costly and time-consuming process. Semi inground pools, on the other hand, don’t go deep enough into the ground to require all this work. You can rent equipment or even just gather some friends and shovels to get the digging work done in a day.

Semi inground pools are usually made of extruded aluminum, which prevents rust and weather corrosion. It also creates a shell strong enough to withstand the pressure of the water. Most manufacturers offer warranties, standing behind their products for as long as ten years or even a limited lifetime warranty. The manufacturers know they can offer this guarantee because of the durability of the material.

This option also gives you a cheaper method for keeping the inground style by building a wood deck around the edge of the pool. The elevation of the deck can help prevent safety accidents while still providing the aesthetic look of an inground swimming pool. Even with the construction of a deck, the overall cost can still be far less than what is needed for constructing a completely inground pool.

For a great way to cool down, relax, and unwind, a semi inground pool is an excellent way to go. These pools have increased security for the safety of your family and guests while still providing a sturdy product to withstand years of regular use. Semi inground pools are perfect for your inexpensive and easy-to-install entertainment needs.

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