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A List of Good Movies to Rent

A List of Good Movies to Rent

Entering a move rental shop can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices, it is difficult to know which of the many choices are good movies to rent . Of course, your choice of movie rental will differ based on your personal taste in movies, but of you are in search of a list of good movies to rent , there are a few that most people would consider those you really must see at some point. Take this list of good movies to rent with you and you will never wander the aisles confused again!

A good place to start is with the classics. While many people have heard of these films, there are plenty who have actually not seen them. Don’t be afraid of trying out a black and white movie! These movies have stood the test of time for a reason. Color doesn’t change good acting and excellent plots. Check out some of these good movies to rent from the classic films section: Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, Citizen Kane, Some Like it Hot, On The Waterfront and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. All of these classics are critically acclaimed and offer anything from comedy to romance.

If you are looking for good movies to rent that are more modern, check out some of the biggest hits in recent years, such as Academy Award winners like Good Will Hunting, Slumdog Millionaire or Million Dollar Baby. For something a little lighter, comedy hits of recent years are always good movies to rent ; check out some of these great comedies: There’s Something About Mary, The Big Lebowski, Couples Retreat or The Break Up.

There are also plenty of good movies to rent that you can enjoy with the whole family. For a fun family movie night, look for something that will appeal to children but also offer something for the adults to enjoy as well. Disney’s animated classics like Finding Nemo, Toy Story or Cars are all films children love and adults can have fun watching as well. You can also try something live action, especially for older kids. Good movies to rent in this area are classics like ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, The Never-Ending Story or Mary Poppins. There are also some newer live action films kids will enjoy watching like the Spy Kids series of films or of course the popular Harry Potter films, which are better for older children,

Choosing good movies to rent is easier when you narrow it down to a short list. Once you have a list of movies you want to see, you can take it with you every time you go to pick a movie and start striking films off of your list. You can use some of these suggestions for good movies to rent , or choose another approach such as watching all of the Best Picture Academy Award winners – which might take you quite a while! Renting movies is an affordable method of home entertainment and you will be sure to enjoy it more with a list of good movies to rent .

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