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A Look at the Honeywell Steam Humidifier

A Look at the Honeywell Steam Humidifier

From one of the biggest names in home climate control, the Honeywell steam humidifier is one of the most advanced steam humidifier models on the market today. The Honeywell steam humidifier works differently from the average humidifier, and is also very different from steam humidifiers of days gone by. It can be counted on to provide comfortable humidity levels in your entire home throughout the year, and works efficiently and effectively.

The Honeywell Steam Humidifier, known as the TrueSteam, is a powerful but small unit that comes in three different capacities. The TrueSteam can be purchased with either a 6 gallon, 9 gallon, or 12 gallon per day capacity. Each of these three models is designed for a different size home. The 6 gallon will work to humidify homes up to 2000 square feet. The 9 gallon is perfect for homes up to 2500 square feet, and the 12 gallon is for homes up to 3000 square feet. Because the Honeywell steam humidifier is designed to use less water more efficiently that previous models, it can do more than the average humidifier with less water.

In addition to the range of sizes, the Honeywell steam humidifier comes in eight different models each with specific features. Some of the main different between the models include a manual versus a digital humidistat. The more basic models are designed only to control the humidity, while the advanced models of the Honeywell steam humidifier are designed to be integrated with your home’s climate control systems and provide a single thermostat and humidistat control from which the homeowner can change settings for both the humidifier and the furnace, providing an overall climate control experience beyond the usual.

Of course the price range of the different models of Honeywell steam humidifier varies as well based on the type of features and how large a capacity you will need in your humidifier. Choosing a high end model with a large capacity will put your purchase in the high end of the price range. The more basic models in smaller sizes will of course cost considerably less.

The Honeywell steam humidifier model line does not require a connection to your heating system in order to function and works independently. This makes it more energy efficient, easier to install and easier to control. All of the models allow you to control a variety of features and functions so that you can have exactly the level of humidity you want in your home, with no wasted energy and no wasted water.

Every Honeywell steam humidifier is backed by a five year warranty that ensures you will be satisfied and any problems you encounter will be addressed. The Honeywell steam humidifier is an excellent investment in the most cutting edge humidifier technology on the market today, and delivers great results with less energy and less water than old steam humidifiers. You can learn more by visiting Honeywell’s site directly or speaking to a local HVAC retailer about the Honeywell options that are available to you.

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