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A New Name in Cell Phone Signal Boosters

A New Name in Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Soon you’ll be seeing a new brand of cell phone signal booster on the shelves and pages of online stores. It’s called weBoost and it will sport a black and red color scheme that’s very different than the blues, greens and oranges that we’ve been seeing over the years. As of February 2nd, 2015, Wilson Electronics is officially changing it’s name to weBoost, and will be releasing a whole new suite of products that have the new branding and physical design.

Signal boosters have actually been around for a while, but have been evolving recently away from a highly technical and industrial design, to a more polished and consumer friendly look and feel. Signal boosters work by mounting an external antenna outside the building or vehicle, running a cable inside to an amplifier, which boosts the signal, and then having an internal antenna broadcast the boosted signal to the inside of the building or vehicle. There are more than a million in use today in the United States, with more in Canada, Mexico and other countries, and have recently been blessed by both the FCC and the major carriers for use on their networks.

In addition to the name change, weBoost will be putting more money and resources into marketing and R&D, with the goal of increasing awareness to the general public about signal boosters while simultaneously making it easier to select and install one in your home or vehicle.

While the new products have not started shipping yet, you can preorder them in advance at the UberSignal weBoost preorder page to ensure you get one of the first ones off of the line. If you’re having problems with cell phone signal in your home, office or vehicle, you should definitely check out the new weBoost signal booster line.

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