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A No Soliciting Sign That Won’t Be Missed

A No Soliciting Sign That Won’t Be Missed

Most people put up a no soliciting sign when they are tired of being bothered at home by salespeople who come door to door. A no soliciting sign can help prevent this harassment and annoyance by letting these people know that you do not wish to hear their sales pitch. In order to make sure your no soliciting sign is both noticed and obeyed, it’s important to follow a few tips.

You can purchase a no soliciting sign at many different retail stores. The benefits of these signs are that they are easy to read and clear. Many of them are on the small side, however, and may not be easily noticed depending on where you place them. If you choose a small, store bought no soliciting sign , then you will need to place it where it is sure to be noticed, usually right at eye level on your front door. Another good spot is near the door bell, although many people will choose to knock and thus not see the sign.

You can also simply make your own no soliciting sign at home. Be sure to use a dark ink, such as a Sharpie permanent marker, and write in clear block letters. This allows you to make the sign whatever size you choose. With a somewhat larger sign you can place it a little more out of the way as it is more likely to be seen even when it is not front and center.

In some cases, you might need to put up more than one no soliciting sign to ensure that salespeople don’t miss the message. Place one on your front door and one near the doorbell if necessary to ensure that you are no longer bothered by salespeople at your door, at any time of day or night.

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