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A Quick Guide to Toddler Ballet Shoes

A Quick Guide to Toddler Ballet Shoes

There is likely nothing more adorable than a little ballerina, and toddler ballet shoes are a must for every budding dancer. Of course, toddler ballet shoes will not look like what you have seen on stage at professional ballet performances. That is because there are actually two types of ballet shoes: regular student ballet slippers and pointe shoes. Toddler ballet shoes will be the former style.

While you have probably seen pointe shoes on professional dancers, they require an advanced skill that beginners are not ready for. Learning to dance instead is done in soft leather slippers, traditionally pink but also available in black and various other colors. They have one elasticized strap across the foot that help to hold the shoe in place and a thicker but still very soft and pliable sole that allows the foot to bend and move easily.

The biggest name in toddler ballet shoes is Capezio; the company is well known for manufacturing dance shoes and gear for all types of dance from ballet to tap. When you purchase Capezio toddler ballet shoes you are getting the best on the market and probably the brand that is most often purchased. Capezio toddler ballet shoes are available in multiple colors.

There are also other manufacturers of toddler ballet shoes, but use caution when you are shopping. If you are in the market for real toddler ballet shoes that are to be worn in a dance class environment, you will want to ensure that is what you get. The look of the ballet shoe has become very fashionable in recent years, and there are many toddler ballet shoes on the market that are meant to be street shoes and not dance shoes. The will not be pliable enough and may have soles that can leave marks on the dance studio floor.

If you are simply looking for a pretty shoe for your toddler, then it won’t matter whether you choose real dance shoes or not; in fact, you will want the opposite as Capezio and other dance brands of ballet shoes are not designed to be worn outside of a dance studio.

Toddler ballet shoes are available for both little girls and little boys, and the various color options makes it easier to select a shoe for your little boy. Early dance classes can be a lot of fun for both genders, in spite of the common misconception that dance is just for girls. Some of the most famous dancers in ballet history were men; Baryshnikov might in fact be the most well known name in ballet. So when you buy that first pair of toddler ballet shoes, you never know where it might lead; either for a girl or a boy it could be the start of a long career!

Of course, for most kids dance is just fun and good exercise. That first pair of toddler ballet shoes is mainly a ticket to an entertaining and fun time where your child will learn to move to the music.

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