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A Rundown on the Taylormade RAC

A Rundown on the Taylormade RAC

TaylorMade Golf was founded in 1979 and quickly gained popularity with PGA players and other golf champions. When they first began they only manufactured one type of club, but their catalog quickly grew, and now TaylorMade Golf offers a variety of top-notch golf clubs and accessories.

What Makes A TaylorMade RAC

When talking about Taylormade golf clubs, RAC stands for Relative Amplitude Coefficient. This is a special technology that uses “feel pockets” in the back of the club head that allow the Tayloremade RAC club to channel impact energy vibration into specific areas so hits are soft and solid at the same time.

Types Of TaylorMade RAC

Since what makes a TaylorMade RAC is simply these special feel pockets, TaylorMade RAC golf clubs come in a variety of styles. A TaylorMade RAC OS has an oversized club head to help with massive inertia, power and stability. A TaylorMade RAC Chrome Wedge helps lob balls at a lower trajectory. A TaylorMade RAC Z TP Wedge allows for serious spin and versatility. There’s a TaylorMade RAC club for every need and situation.

Purchasing A TaylorMade RAC

To find a TaylorMade RAC, you can search for the product name in Google and Amazon, or you can visit the TaylorMade webpage at TaylorMadeGolf.com to compare all their styles and prices. From the TaylorMade website, you can order a TaylorMade RAC online or you can use their “find a retailer” option to find a store near you if you want to try out your TaylorMade RAC before you purchase it.