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A Short Guide to Roll Up Awnings

A Short Guide to Roll Up Awnings

Roll up awnings are the convenient way to provide shade and protection from the weather without blocking the light from reaching your windows when you want it. They come in all sizes and can work on nearly any home or business. Because roll up awnings can be retracted when not in use, they are also protected from adverse weather conditions such as strong wind, heavy rain and even the strength of the sun which can fade and damage regular awnings.

The cost of roll up awnings varies by the size and type of awning. Some roll up awnings are retracted by hand using a manual crank, while others have a motorized retraction system. Manual retraction roll up awnings are generally more expensive than the mechanical kind, but the mechanical roll up awnings will save labor and can be rolled up quickly if the weather takes a change for the worst.

Roll up awnings can be designed to mount to any type of structure, including wood or masonry. When ordering an awning, be sure to specify the type of construction of your home or building so that you will have the correct mounts. This ensures that the awning will stay secure.

Roll up awnings can be professionally installed or they can be installed by a do it yourselfer with the right tools and the ability to follow instructions properly. If you have the right skills, you should have no difficulty installing your awning.

Roll up awnings increase the value of your home and allow you to spend more time enjoying your patio or deck no matter what the weather. They are an economical and easy solution to the problem of a patio that gets too much sun or to a climate where a quick shower can send everyone running inside. Stay outside longer with roll up awnings instead.

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