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A Simple Guide to Roof Anchors

A Simple Guide to Roof Anchors

The purpose of roof anchors is simple: they provide fall protection for workers who must do jobs at great heights. Roof anchors ensure that a slip or loss of balance will not prove deadly, and they also allow workers to do jobs that would otherwise be impossible due to the difficulty of accessing places that are very high from the ground, where scaffolding would not be possible.

Roof anchors come in two main types: permanent and temporary. Permanent roof anchors are meant to stay in place for long periods of time, such as during long term projects. They come in a few basic styles. The single D-ring permanent roof anchor can be attached to a wood roof sub surface or also vertically to a wall. There are also double D-ring roof anchors that are meant only to be attached to a roof subsurface. Additionally, there are claw style roof anchors which can be attached to rafters or beams where a solid surface is not available to anchor to. All of these different types of permanent roof anchors are designed for use by only one person at a time.

Temporary roof anchors are also available for use on short, quick jobs or when you need to be able to move the anchor from location to location in order to complete the task at hand. They come in many different styles as well, including those for pitched or steep roofs and those for flat surfaces. These can be purchased in bulk so that enough roof anchors can be provided at a site for multiple workers. They are also generally more affordable than permanent versions, but are not designed for permanent use. In fact, they are often also referred to as being disposable roof anchors because they are not used again after the job is done.

In addition to these types, there are a number of other roof anchors on the market such as concrete anchors that can be used in concrete surfaces and metal roof anchors as well. Using the correct type of anchor for the surface on which you are working is extremely important for safety and security. Roof anchors should always be used properly to make sure no one is hurt.

Most roof anchors are designed to hold very high weight levels, but before you select or use one you should be certain of the weight rating so that you don’t over load the anchor. Putting too much weight on the anchor can be very dangerous and cause it to become dislodged from the surface where it is attached. Falls and other accidents can result.

Roof anchors can be purchased from safety equipment retailers, many of which sell their products over the internet. Be certain that you choose a reputable brand. When it comes to roof anchors , especially when a person will be relying on it to prevent a potentially deadly fall, you want to be completely sure that the anchor is secure, dependable and up to the task, so do your research before you select your anchors.

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