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Acuvue Define Contact Lenses: Everything You Need to Know

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses: Everything You Need to Know

Once upon a time, if you had poor eyesight, all you could do was walk around squinting and hoping you didn’t run into anything. Then glasses were invented, allowing curved bits of lens to rest on your face in front of your eyes and correct your vision. As optometry continued to evolve, contact lenses were invented, correcting your vision without the restrictions that come with glasses. For some people, contact lenses are a matter of practicality. People in highly physically active professions, for instance, find contact lenses easier because glasses can fall off the face during periods of activity. Similarly, people in professions that demand full peripheral vision may prefer contact lenses because glasses leave edges around the vision that are not correct.

But for other people, contact lenses are a matter of vanity. They may have been mocked when wearing glasses when they were younger, or they may think that glasses make them look strange. For exactly these sorts of people, Johnson and Johnson have created Acuvue Define contact lenses, which are specially made specifically for the vain.

Acuvue Define contact lenses are specially designed to subtly enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. The design of the contacts cause the eyes to look larger and brighter, which many believe makes the eyes look more beautiful. This is done through a dark ring on the Acuvue Define contact lens itself. This ring lines up with the colored part of the eye, which is called the iris. That makes the iris seem darker and enhanced, which contributes to the larger and brighter appearance of the eye, giving it more definition.

This ring sits on the outer edge of the lens itself, overlapping with the white area of the eye surrounding the iris. This makes it seem as if the wearer’s eyes are larger than they actually are, giving a superficial appearance of skin-deep beauty.

The dark ring in Acuvue Define contacts is set between two layers of lens material, making it so that this ring does not actually contact the eye, keeping nothing but a smooth surface against the eye itself. This contact is also UV blocking, which helps protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun.

One benefit of Acuvue Define contacts are that they are daily use. This can cost more, but it also can improve the health of the eye, since there is no build-up on the lens that can come from longer use. Many people also find this more convenient because, instead of having to rinse and clean and store contacts overnight, these contacts are simply removed and thrown away at the end of each day.

Acuvue Define contacts are also available in a non-prescription form for those who do not need eyesight correction. If someone wishes to change their appearance by putting contacts on their eyes every day, they can do it whether they actually need contacts or not.

Beauty standards tend to be superficial, artificial, and fleeting. People have a long history of dramatically altering their bodies in order to conform to whatever the current standard of beauty happens to be. Acuvue Define contact lenses can help people change their appearance in hopes of meeting that standard.

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