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All About 1st Option Mortgage

All About 1st Option Mortgage

1st Option Mortgage is a full service home financing company that offers loans and assitance with new mortgages as well as refinances and home equity loans.  They offer a wide variety of options that will make it easy to find the loan that makes the most sense for your situation.  1st Option Mortgage loan officers will work with you to make certaint that the entire process goes smoothly and is as easy as possible for everyone involved.  Their experience and knowledge make the loan process simple to understand as well as fast and painless.

1st Option Mortgage started with a single branch in Atlanta, Georgia, and has since grown to offer a wide number of branches located across the country.  Their dedication to providing the best in mortgage services has meant a fast and widespread expansion, based on customer satisfaction and a strong reputation in the industry.  1st Option Mortgage has become known throughout the industry for their commitment to fast closings; in fact, most 1st Option Mortgage loans close within eight business days.  This means that you can complete the loan process and get on with your life more quickly.

Among the home loan options availble from 1st Option Mortgage are  conventional home loans, FHA loans and VA loans, no closing cost loans as well as reverse and second mortgages.  The experts at 1st Option Mortgage will help you to determine which loan is the right choice for you and explain all of the options so that you can make an educated choice.  No matter what sort of loan you are looking for, you can find the one you need at 1st Option.  They can help you to buy your first home, or help you to get the money you need back out of the home you already own.

1st Option Mortgage has a variety of payment terms available as well.  You can take out a traditional fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage.  They also offer home equity lines of credit that work differently from a traditional loan and allow you to borrow against the equity in your house how and when you need to without applying repeatedly for a loan.  1st Option will also help you to work out your down payment needs for the purchase on your home with a number of different programs that make it easier to get into a house without a huge down payment that most people don’t have.

1st Option Mortgage also offers a number of financial services that can help you to prepare for the purchase of a home or a refinance, including credit repair services.  They will help you to choose the right mortgage and get through the application process.  If you prefer to apply quickly, you can use the 1st Option website to apply online easily.  This is a great choices if you already know what loan you need and want to get your application in without delay.  Whether you apply online or over the phone – or in person – 1st Option will work to get your loan closed quickly.

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