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All About 3 Day Suit Broker

All About 3 Day Suit Broker

Although most men are known to drag their feet when it comes to go suit shopping (or any kind of shopping for that matter) the men of Southern California have a suit retailer whose main goal is to turn that attitude around. The 3 Day Suit Broker has been selling suits for over 15 years all the while focusing on their mission to sell quality suits from top brands for very reasonable prices.

Their key strategy to save money allowing them to pass savings on to their customers is to be open for only 3 days per week. The theory is that typically, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest shopping days of the week anyways, so 3 Day Suit Broker capitalizes on this by being open during the busy days and which saves them money on wages, utilities etc. throughout the rest of the week. 3 Day Suit Broker was one of the first and only retailers to open for limited hours in the Los Angeles area in the early 1990s. Also, 3 Day Suit Broker keeps costs low by leasing no-frill spaces. The stores often times have a more “industrial feel,” but they still provide private dressing rooms and clutter free aisles.

Besides keeping overhead costs low to pass savings on to customers, 3 Day Suit Brokers also has the goals to provide their customers with a great shopping experience and a wide variety of suit options. Quality suit manufacturers such as Hugo Boss and many more, build partnerships with 3 Day Suit Broker because both parties hold the same values, quality at a low cost for customers. 3 Day Suit Broker has over 5,000 suits per store and stocks all sizes and colors to accommodate all shoppers.

Additionally, 3 Day Suit Broker takes specific steps to create an ideal and hassle free shopping experience for men by stocking their stores with a wide range of suits and apparel products, providing ample clean and tidy space for men to shop through and the company does not have staff that work on commission so that there is no unnecessary pressure for customers to buy.

Since conception, 3 Day Suit Broker has expanded from suits and dress shirts into sport coats,pants, ties, shoes, accessories, sportswear, formal wear and tuxedos as well as specialty fits suits. Big and tall as well as slim sized suits are available. 3 Day Suit Broker adds another layer of convenience by staffing alternation experts in the store so that customers can get alterations done on their suits quickly and efficiently.

In 2011, 3 Day Suit Broker had ten retail locations open in Southern California with its corporate headquarters in Simi Valley, CA. The company’s tag line is “Where the smart money goes” and the brands they offer include Perry Ellis, Versace, Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Huga Boss, Giorgio Zilloni, Sinio and Joseph Abbound. Advertising efforts include social media, video commercials and 3 Day Suit Broker has also gained numerous press articles in the LA Times for its innovative business practices.

Photo courtesy of Kent Wang.

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