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All About Alive Multivitamin

All About Alive Multivitamin

While there are many vitamin and nutritional supplements cluttering the shelves of your local health food store, very few of them can be truly considered healthy. This is simply because most of them contain chemically laden ingredients instead of natural ingredients. Doesn’t it make sense to take a multivitamin that is derived from natural plant sources versus one that comes from a chemical concoction? The Alive Multivitamin is a wonderful supplement to take if you’d prefer to go the more natural route to being healthy.

The Alive multivitamin contains vitamins and minerals that are actually derived from super food and whole food sources, that have been proven to prevent, and in some cases even reverse, certain ailments.  The main ingredient in Alive multivitamin is a blend of green foods, with spirulina and chlorella topping the list.  There are anti-cancer phytochemicals in spirulina and in chlorella there are the Chlorella Growth Factor enzymes that help to repair damaged nerve tissues. Since both spirulina and chlorella are full of chlorophyll, they are wonderful blood and liver detoxifiers. The rest of the green food blend in the Alive multivitamin is wheat grass, barley grass and dandelion. 

Every serving of an Alive multivitamin contains 100mg of green garden vegetables, such as spinach and kale.  Since most people do not consume enough vegetables in their daily diet, having such a large serving in the Alive multivitamin is a great way to ensure that you get the right amount vegetables every day.

The Alive multivitamin also contains a fruit ingredient group that is made up of powdered strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, plums and other delicious fruits. All of the fruits that are in the Alive multivitamin contain disease-fighting phytochemicals that are only available if you eat the actual fruit. But with today’s busy lifestyle there are not many people who are able to eat all the fruits in a single day. Therefore, the Alive multivitamin is a great way to meet all of your nutritional needs.

Twelve organic mushrooms make up the next ingredient in the Alive multivitamin supplement. These medicinal mushrooms boost immune systems and help fight off cancer cells. However, the Alive multivitamin also contains 100mg of a digestive enzyme blend. This helps your body to effectively digest all of the nutritional elements that are offered by every other ingredient inside the Alive multivitamin.  Next is a 100mg serving of flax seeds and sunflower seeds. These contain beneficial Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help support cardiovascular health.

The Alive multivitamin is made by Nature’s Way and can be found on the shelf of health food stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. You can also do an online search for the Alive multivitamin as it is also sold online at various Internet retailers and online health stores.

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