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All about AMC Mortgage Services

All about AMC Mortgage Services

Are you looking for an experienced mortgage company, one equipped to handle all of your mortgage needs?  If so, you may want to check out all that’s offered from AMC Mortgage Services.  In this article we will introduce you to AMC Mortgage services, including what types of loans are offered and a bit of background information on what AMC Mortgage Services is doing in the community.

What is AMC Mortgage Services?

For over 20 years, AMC Mortgage Services was the loan-servicing branch of the well-known Ameriquest Mortgage Company.  Now an independent, full-service mortgage company, AMC Mortgage Services brings its experience and wealth of knowledge to help provide all types of mortgage loans and services to communities across the country.  With AMC Mortgage Services you’ll receive personal attention and answers to your most pressing loan questions, all while receiving customer service that is second to none.

What “Services” Does AMC Mortgage Services Provide?

In short, the goal of AMC Mortgage Services is to help people buy the homes of their dreams, and to keep them in their homes through the good and bad times.

AMC Mortgage Services is always striving to provide loans to underserved markets, and to achieve this very lofty goal, executives with AMC Mortgage Services have been working with the Consumer Mortgage Education Consortium, an advocacy group representing various community and fair-housing organizations.  This partnership has helped AMC Mortgage Services develop an organizational model for “best practices” in the issuing and servicing of a wide variety of mortgage loans.

AMC Mortgage Services’ customer service team is highly trained, and committed to the highest standards in the mortgage industry.  When problems arise in the repayment of a mortgage loan, AMC Mortgage Services’ customer service representatives will work diligently with the consumer to resolve the problem, with services ranging from credit counseling to the exploration of many flexible repayment options.  With AMC Mortgage Services customers will never feel like they are “on an island,” but rather they will feel supported at every stage of the loan process.

Types of Loans Offered by AMC Mortgage Services

AMC Mortgage Services offers a variety of loan types with several different repayment options.  These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • First MortgagesAMC Mortgage Services offers first mortgages to help people, even first-time buyers, buy the home of their dreams
  • Second Mortgages.  At AMC Mortgage Services, they understand that you may need to use the equity in your home for things like home improvement, debt consolidation or even a dream vacation.  As a result, they strive to provide several different types of second mortgages to free up that equity.
  • Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages.  Whether you’re looking for a fixed interest rate for the life of your loan, or an adjustable rate that reflects current prime lending rates in the market, AMC Mortgage Services has exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit.  Strapped for cash?  If so, AMC Mortgage Services can structure a home equity loan or personal line of credit to help you meet your immediate obligations.
  • Refinancing. There are many people with fixed rate mortgages that seem stuck in a high interest rate, even though the current rates have dropped to record lows.  A refinancing loan can help you get the best interest rate and the most flexible repayment options.

AMC Mortgage Services also offers loans for mobile homes and multi-family dwellings.  At AMC Mortgage Services no home is too large or too small to secure funding for.

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