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All About Aprilaire 2200

All About Aprilaire 2200

One of the most popular choices in the Aprilaire lineup, the Aprilaire 2200 is a powerful air cleaner that was first introduced by the company in 1973. Since that time, the Aprilaire 2200 has undergone some changes and was finally replaced by the 2210 model in 2008. Still, the classic versions of the Aprilaire 2200 are well loved and remain in use by those who have trusts Aprilaire to provide the best in air cleaning for many decades.

The original Aprilaire 2200 came in a robin blue color which was later replaced with an almond color in 1985. Both of these versions of the air cleaner used the same part number. When the model number was changed in 2008, the company also came out with an upgrade kit that could be used on all the older models. Even some of the early 2210 models can be upgraded to work with even more power and efficiency than ever before, making your Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner and purifier an even better machine than it was when you bought it.

The upgrade kit for the Aprilaire 2200 is a great way to get the most advanced air cleaning power without having to put out the money that is involved in buying a whole new air cleaning unit. The new system also means that you will have an easier time replacing the filters on your Aprilaire 2200. It will remove twice as many contaminants in the air as it did before, making your air even higher quality than before. The upgrade kit for the Aprilaire 2200 is easy to install and requires no tools, so you will find improving the performance of your air cleaner quick, easy and affordable too.

If you are seeking replacement parts for even an older Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner, the best place to look is on the company’s website, where you will find the widest variety of parts and repair options. The Aprilaire 2200 model is still supported by the company in spite of having been replaced with a new model in recent years. You can order replacement parts for the Aprilaire 2200 online or call the customer service department to talk to a representative and ensure you are selecting the correct parts for your air cleaner.

There are other places where you can purchase filters and parts for the Aprilaire 2200; just make certain that you are buying the correct part before you order. Ordering direct from the manufacturer is the best possible way to ensure this is so.

The Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner is a classic model from a company that has been in the business of building the best air cleaners for many years. It still works effectively to this day, and with the easy upgrade kit you can make it function even better. If you love your Aprilaire 2200, the good news is that although the model number has changed, you can still continue to use your air cleaner and will have no trouble finding replacement filters and parts, especially if you upgrade.

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