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All About Bamboo Socks

All About Bamboo Socks

The movement toward environmentally friendly or “green” products has left virtually no industry untouched. From automobiles to food and even fashion, the demand for goods made from organic, recycled and/or sustainable materials continues to grow. Bamboo socks are an eco-product trend that is as equally fascinating as it is stylish. Whether you have never heard of wearing grass on your feet, you are curious about bamboo socks or you are currently wearing a pair, here’s a guide to the world of bamboo socks.

Why Bamboo?

When it comes to sustainable resources, one would be hard-pressed to find complaints about bamboo. It not only doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides maintain, but also can grow up to a meter per day. Once harvested, bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted and it never needs to be fertilized. Its root structure allows the grass to be grown in soil that is vulnerable to erosion, which, in turn, stabilizes the ground. Bamboo also produces more oxygen than a tree, all the while taking in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the air and absorbing nitrogen from below ground level.

Benefits of Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks offer many benefits that traditional socks do not. First, fabrics made from bamboo are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and protect skin from UV rays. Second, bamboo fabrics are more breathable and thermal regulating because they wick moisture away, rather than holding it into fabric, which causes socks to stick to skin. These properties also reduce odor, which is especially important for fabric covering feet. Third, bamboo socks have the duality of being both very soft and durable. It has the feel and cover of silk, which will pamper hardworking feet, while possessing great strength and stability to hold up against consistent laundering and wear.  

Styles of Bamboo Socks

From the avid athlete to the mom on the go to the new bouncing baby, there is a style of bamboo sock to fit everyone. Like traditional socks, bamboo socks are available in tube, 3/4 and 1/4 crew, anklet and no show. In addition, fitness fanatics can enjoy breathable bamboo socks in high performance varieties, some even with arch and ankle supports. Bamboo socks are also available in a variety of colors which make them appropriate for business and formal attire. Children and babies can also get in on the fashion action with sizes and cuts of bamboo socks to style their tiny feet.

Availability & Pricing

Despite the alien sounding concept, bamboo socks can be purchased in major discount supercenters, department stores, designer showcases and everything in between. Varieties of bamboo socks can be found in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and JCPenney. They are manufactured by “green” labels like EcoSox as well as top fashion design houses like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

To put it simply, bamboo socks are typically more expensive than traditional cotton socks. However, when you consider the adage, “You get what you pay for,” then bamboo sock wearers are likely getting more bang for their buck. Bamboo sock prices vary by style and manufacturer. A pair EcoSox’s Bamboo Hiking Crew socks are $6.00 per pair, while a standard pair of basic, 3/4-length, white crew socks from the website Bamboo Clothing can cost as much as $10.50 per pair.  However, Ralph Lauren offers a 3-pack of bamboo blend socks with arch supports for $21.00. With so many styles and retailers of bamboo socks there is a pair to match any budget.

Photo courtesy of MinivanNinja.

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