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All About Bandsaw Tires

All About Bandsaw Tires

Bandsaw tires are an important piece of any bandsaw and ensure the proper performance of your bandsaw.  Anyone who works with wood on a regular basis and uses a bandsaw has probably run into the need to replace bandsaw tires. There are two basic types of bandsaw tires you can consider for your replacement.  These are rubber and urethane.  

Rubber bandsaw tires are the tradtional choice, and will function very well on just about any bandsaw.  The process of replacing rubber bandsaw tires is somewhat complex.  You will need to remove the old tire, and then carefully fit the new rubber tire into place.  The new rubber bandsaw tire will then have to be glued into place, equalized, trimmed and balanced.  this process is messy, difficult and time consuming, but an affordable and certainly effective choice.  Many longtime bandsaw users stick to rubber bandsaw tires because they are used to using them and have become accustomed to the process of replacing them.  

The other type of bandsaw tires that is commonly available is urethane tires.  These are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are easy to replace and do not require glue to install.  Urethane tires are long lasting and durable and will not wear out, crack or become brittle as quickly as rubber tires do.  They are easy to obtain and becoming the most popular choice because of their simplicity and durability.

Whether you use rubber or urethane bandsaw tires, you will always need to balance the wheel on your bandsaw after you install the replacement and before you start using the bandsaw again.  You should be sure to always keep an eye on the condition of your bandsaw’s current tire and watch for any signs of wear.  You will quickly see the difference in the performance of your bandsaw when you replace the old tire with a new one – bandsaws work much better with a good tire in place.

Bandsaw tires are easy to obtain.  Most home improvement and hardware stores will carry them, as well as woodowrking hobbyist stores.  You can also find a wide variety of bandsaw tires available for purchase online.  Before you buy, you should verify the size of the bandsaw tire you want to purchase and make certain it will fit the wheel of your bandsaw and function properly.  In most cases you will not see much price difference between rubber bandsaw tires and the urethane variety.  With the longevity of urethane versus rubber, most bandsaw users today find the urethane to be a better investment.

Bandsaw tires are available in a variety of colors to make them highly visible and much easier to inspect for damage and wear.  The color you choose does not have any bearing on the function of the tire, so feel free to choose whichever color you prefer.  Before you change the tire on your bandsaw for the first time, be sure you have read all of the directions completely to avoid potentially dangerous or costly errors.

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