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All About Capra Mineral Whey

All About Capra Mineral Whey

When you exercise, whether at high intensity, moderate intensity, or even just a low-intensity walk, the process of sweating causes your body to lose electrolytes. Electrolytes help the body function normally, maintaining the perfect balance for optimal muscle and nerve performance. When electrolytes are lost, that balance is thrown off, making it harder for your body to operate properly. Because of this, it is important to make sure you replace the lost electrolytes to keep your body functioning throughout the entire course of your exercise session. One excellent choice for replacing electrolytes is Capra mineral whey.

Capra mineral whey is a completely natural product made from whey from goat milk. Filled with essential minerals, Capra mineral whey is carefully processed directly on the farm in a special low-temperature method. This special method guarantees that integrity of the nutrients is maintained even through the processing procedures, unlike other methods that will cause the nutrients to break down in higher temperatures while being processed.

Other electrolyte replacement products are chemically based, manufactured in laboratories, but Capra mineral whey is made right on the farm. Capra goats are free-range goats, raised humanely and treated with the utmost care. They are not fed antibiotics or treated with growth hormones, and their food is free of any pesticides or herbicides. Capra farms ensures that their procedures match the requirements for organic certification, providing you with the cleanest, greenest products possible.

Capra mineral whey contains more than twenty different minerals, all of which naturally occur in the goat milk whey. No artificial ingredients have been added to this product. The focus of Capra farms is to provide you with a natural supplement to maximize your workout and keep your body’s electrolytes and minerals in balance.

This product is a powder which can be dissolved in almost any liquid – water, juice, tea, etc – and consumed twice a day for maintaining stability of minerals in your body. For electrolyte replacement while working out, you simply need to increase the amount, taking it three times a day to guarantee that your body stays in balance. This way, you know you’re getting the best workout that you can possibly get.

Capra mineral whey should not be confused with protien supplements, however. Capra farms does provide protien supplements, but the mineral whey is formulated specifically to build your body through the natural balance that your body already seeks to maintain. This supplement will help your body in that goal, making sure that your electrolytes stay in balance, even through regular exercise routines.

Other electrolyte replacement drinks are chemically based, made in factories and science labs, and are artifically manufactured by man’s hands. Capra mineral whey is completely natural, made only from what nature provides. This powder can be dissolved in many different liquid forms, making it easy to take and enjoy rather than being stuck with the watery, weak flavors of other electrolyte replacement drinks.

You don’t have to ingest chemically made, neon colored liquids in order to keep your electrolytes in balance during a workout. Instead, mix Capra mineral whey into your favorite drink and enjoy!

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