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All About Cirepil Wax

All About Cirepil Wax

Cirepil Wax products are designed for the use of professional hair removal specialists.  These products are among the best in the business and used by top quality salons and spas around the world.  Cirepil Wax can be used for every hair removal need from the face to the bikini line and provide the same soft, smooth results every time. 

Unlike many wax products for the body, Cirepil Wax is a low temperature formula that is easy to work with and never feels hot.  It is used at a temperature very close to that of the body so that there is no noticeable hot or cool feeling.  Cirepil Wax is designed to protect the skin and keep it from being damaged during the waxing process.  This all combines to make it one of the most comfortable and gentle wax products n the market.

Cirepil Wax is available in both strip and stripless formulas.  Strip waxes use muslin strips to pull the wax and the hair off of the skin, while stripless waxes do not need these strips and the wax itself is pulled off directly.  There are several different lines of both type of wax in the collection, each uniquely suited to particular skin types as well as to waxing different areas of the body.  Some waxes are better for large areas such as legs, while others work best on smaller, delicate areas of the body.  There is a Cirepil Wax product for every waxing need.

Cirepil Wax is also available in a unique moisturizing all-natural formula that was developed for sensitive and dry skin to provide moisturization and conditioning to the skin during the waxing process.  They are made of all natural ingredients to be even safer for use on the skin, especially those with sensitive skin.  The natural line of Cirepil Wax is a popular choice in spas that aim to provide an all natural experience to their customers.

The entire Cirepil Wax product collection can be viewed on the company’s website.  This includes the waxes themselves and needed accessories, and all of the pre and post waxing treatments that complete the process and ensure a pleasant waxing experience.  You can purchase kits that contain all of the elements you will need to use the Cirepil Was properly and achieve the smoothest skin ever.  Cirepil Wax products can not currently be purchased through their website, but through a network of distributors located across the country.  The website offers a comprehensive list of distributors so that you can find one in your area.

Cirepil Wax is intended for use by professionals and thus distributed through beauty suppliers.  If you are interested in trying Cirepel Wax products, ask your waxing professional about the, as they can order them for you.  It is always recommended that you let your skin care professional use the products and not attempt to use them at home for the best result.  In the hands of a professional, Cirepil Wax products are guranteed to give you an incredible waxing experience like you have never before had.

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