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All About Coys Wheels

All About Coys Wheels

For over 30 years Coys wheels have been one of the nation’s most popular providers of custom wheels and tire sets for the discerning car lover.  Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Coys wheels has become so popular that their custom wheels have even been featured in Hollywood movies.  Today the company offers many other services and car accessories including window tinting, various car services such as alignments, and full wheel and tire packages.

The Coys wheels headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, but their fame has spread nationwide.  They sell a wide variety of different brands of wheels that will give your car that extra bling you have been looking for.  Whether you are looking for shiny chrome rims or prefer a more subdued painted look, Coys wheels has exactly what you are looking for.  Their fame has spread so far that they have been called upon by Hollywood to provide the hottest wheels for car focused films.  Coys wheels is where people who love their cars and want them to look their best turn to make sure they are rolling in style.

Coys wheels offers chrome wheels from such names as Gino, Dub, and Bonetti in a wide variety of sizes to fit any car or match any look you are seeking.  They also have a great selection of black wheels for those who like the more stealthy look that black rims can provide.  Brands in this section include XXR and Moto Metal, and there are plenty of options to choose from.  They also offer the XXR line of polished wheels and a wide variety of painted wheels in any color you can think of.

Because Coys wheels is a full service shop, you can pick out the wheels you want for your car, choose tires as well and then have them mounted and put on your car.  Everything you need is in one place to have your car looking great when you cruise the streets.  Add finishing touches like window tint and pick up other accessories as well while you are there.  Coys wheels is much more than just wheels; they allow you to fully customize your car in one place, without having to search all over town for the right pieces to put it all together.

Coys wheels even offers financing plans to help you pay for the wheels, tires, and services you need done on your car, making it easy to get what you want today and pay it off over time.  If you have a fleet to take care of and provide wheels, tires and service for, Coys wheels can help you with that as well.  For all of your automotice needs, Coys goes above and beyond to provide the best service and selection in the Denver area and beyond.

Visit the Coys wheels website today or drop in if you are in Denver to view the incredible selection of wheels and tires.  Just be prepared to roll out with a whole new look on your car!

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